SWGoH: When Can We Expect the January Events Calendar?

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

At the end of each month the players of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes all have the same question. What will the next month look like in SWGoH? In most months, Gaming-fans.com is the source for this information before everyone else, even before EA/Capital Games publishes the calendar thanks to EA’s fantastic GameChangers program.

So what can we expect in January for SWGoH? While the events we know about are live here on our site, it is the events we do not know about that we are all curious to see. The big rumor of what is to come of course is a possible OT Millennium Falcon Legendary Event with Bounty Hunter ships (three that were not in the Original Trilogy…) now that Chewbacca is a playable character in-game. While Han Solo and Chewbacca are the logical pilots of the OT Falcon, throwing in C-3PO could certainly cause commotion in the SWGoH community.

As for what else we can expect in January, I know most are eager to see the return of Territory Wars. For many, Territory Wars are an important piece of this game – a piece that has been sorely missing during the past several weeks. What I can tell you is this – don’t expect to hear anything from CG until late in the week at the earliest. Given last month’s calendar was released on the 6th of the month without a 2-week holiday break, it is hard to envision any info of note coming before the first full week of January, likely around January 6th or 7th.

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