SWGoH: Servers down for Galaxy of Heroes


Some servers are down for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes today. At around 10:15 am ET players began noticing that the “Loading Cantina” message would not go away and they were unable to login to the game. On the EA SWGoH forums Capital Games has addressed the issue with the following:

We are aware that some players are having issues logging into the game and are stuck at “Cantina Loading”. We are working on a fix to be deployed as soon as possible and I will update this thread as we have more information to share.

While and update indicating that they had a lead on the problem was posted a half hour later, it is 1:10 pm ET at the time of this article and we’re reaching 3 hours with many players, myself included, unable to login for Raids, bonus energy or anything else.

There is no indication as to when this problem will be solved, but apology gifts/rewards seem quite appropriate.

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