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This week comes along with the teasing of the brand-new villain’s team that comes along with the slow release of the Sinister Six Members. This team is supposed to be a city hero counter, but don’t put all your money on this yet, as we are yet to get the full details of this team!



Over the past few months the city heroes, aka the Defenders, have been a huge part of the Meta within MSF. Although they are no longer at the top of arena, they are darn near close to it! The release of the new Sinister Six team is intended to be a strong counter towards city hero teams like the defenders. The MSF dev team uses the term “stomping” on enemy city hero teams. If this is any indication of what is to come, I think we all have some big expectations!



First up, we have Rhino. As many first thought, Rhino is going to be the teams main Protector. This Protector comes with a Taunt and AoE combo, which is looking amazing! Not only will this attack clear negative effects from allies, it will inflict damage that increases per City Hero enemy! So far, this kit looks amazing!



Next, we have Shocker! It looks like he will be one of the main damage dealers of this new Sinister Six team, as he comes with the Blaster trait. His kit deals both Single and AoE attacks that deal piercing damage, which increases with the presence of each City Hero enemy! On top of this, Shocker can also give his allies offense up, which is making this team a contender for my new favourite Blitz team for sure!



The last of the new characters is Vulture, who looks like he will be the main damage dealer of the team. This character looks like he will be a Brawler who dishes out damage that increases per negative effect on the target enemies, but also will feature some abilities of a controller with his ability to apply Slow and Offense down to City Hero enemies. The combination of Rhino, Shocker and Vulture is looking to be crazy, especially with Shocker’s offense up!

Green Goblin is also another member of the Sinister Six. However, you can start building him up now! Keep your eyes peeled, as the new members of this team will slowly be coming into the game.



We have a glimpse of some of the awards for the Phoenix event that will be arriving shortly.
Tiers 5, 6, and 7 will feature the following new rewards:

  • Tier 5 – 5 Red Star Orbs
  • Tier 6 – 2,000 Elite 4 Credits
  • Tier 7 – 3,000 Elite 4 Credits

To help prepare, there will be a 2X event on 6/22 where nodes containing Nobu and Hand Assassin character shards will pay out double for 24 hours. There will also be a special login calendar with character shards, as well as in-game offers.

Prepare now, Commanders. The Phoenix Legendary Event begins June 27th!



The Alliance Pants of Hulk has already completed Ultimus VII once. Congrats to this Alliance, what an achievement!

There will be a special Raid dedicated to the Alliance that completes this new raid 3 times through. For the community celebration, the winning Alliance will be able to choose from select characters that have been featured in a past Blitz, Event Campaign, or Raid which will be placed in a limited-edition orb. There will also be a celebratory login calendar that’ll contain Raid, Gold, Mega, and Red Star Orb Fragments.

Good luck to everyone who is aiming to complete this raid!



This brand-new Brawler will be back shortly, make sure you take advantage of her second Blitz to rank her up as much as possible!


By Arsenal MSF Staff Writer

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