SWGoH: McMole2 announces he is quitting Galaxy of Heroes

SWGoH - McMole2

The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community was shocked on Friday with news that popular YouTube personality McMole2 has chosen to stop playing the game that made his name known. In an emotional address in his latest video, the personality we know as McMole2 announced his intentions to stop playing the game citing a lack of enjoyment and some very honest thoughts about the direction of SWGoH regarding paywall characters that not even Capital Games could argue.

Likely the most controversial of the Content Creators in the Galaxy of Heroes community, McMole2 was the original former EA GameChanger for SWGoH having been removed from the program early on, around the time Gaming-fans.com joined in mid-2017. His back-and-forth drama with Nukin was well-known in many circles at one point and most recently he served a 30-day suspension for his 5m+ GP account after promoting another player’s video on how options to cheat can be utilized in SWGoH, stating that he was looking to inform the devs and community. While we here at Gaming-fans.com did not have any direct dealings with him, our own Director of Content, LJ, faced off with him once in the Grand Arena in May 2019 in what proved to be a very competitive battle. While that battle ended with LJ winning 2,263-2,209, it cemented the fact that in head-to-head battle McMole was indeed a fantastic SWGoH player and strategist.

While McMole2 left the door open to a return if the game’s direction improved, his intentions are to be done moving forward. No matter what he chooses to do moving forward we here at Gaming-fans.com wish him the best in his future endeavors.

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