SWGoH: The Journey Guide – Coming Soon to Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

The Journey Guide is coming soon to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. What is The Journey Guide you may ask? Well it was recently announced in the Road Ahead post by Capital Games that the Journey Guide would be a sort of catchup mechanic to help players progress and acquire legendary characters. Here is the official Journey Guide description form EA Capital Games:

The Journey Guide is a new feature designed to help players build long-term goals and give you clear choices in achieving those goals. To do this, the Journey Guide will present players with a line-up of units which can only be unlocked through specific activities like legendary events, raids, and special missions. Every unit in the Journey Guide will include a summary of their strengths and synergies to better highlight why players might want any given unit. The guide will also surface required units – plus the required and recommended investment levels for those units.

So what will this mean to you? A lot depends on where you are in Galaxy of Heroes. If you are below Level 85 or have just reached it in the past few months, this is a great tool, like our SWGoH 101 section and mod guides, to help you ramp up your game and approach the endgame players. The same goes for those starting out – you should have a significantly different experience than someone like myself who has played daily for 4 years now. But for those of us who are nearly day one players, this should help our recruitment efforts to ensure we can keep our guilds in order. One thing is certain – SWGoH continues to evolve and seems to have many days ahead of it. Let’s just hope those days are great ones!

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