TFEW: C.O.M.B.A.T. Bot Abilities & Bots that can Equip Them


The Battle Masters COMBAT bots in Transformers: Earth Wars are individual bots who enhance the equipped bot, much like Power Cores. While yesterday was the first day we got to see these new enhancements, today is the beginning of our first weekend event where we can do anything with them. Note that we will also be beginning a Best COMBAT bots section of the site to help our readers best pair the COMBAT bots with the standard bots in TFEW.

Here is a look at the abilities for these COMBAT bots and their 2-star stats:

  • Pteraxadon/Terror-Daxtyl – Causes an Earthquake dealing 10% of the bot’s DPS value as damage to enemies around your target. All of your attacks heal you for _% of the Damage done (The healing scales as you level the COMBAT bot up)
  • Nightstalker/Ravage – Nightstalker/Ravage has 2,772 health and can cause 69 damage per second. He also regularly disappears from his enemies’ sight.
  • Firedrive/Blowpipe – Shoot plasma dealing 3x more damage to walls and bursting regularly into flames causing damage over time in an area (75% of bot’s DPS). Overall bot damage increased by 2%.
  • Flak/Cratermaker – Shoots 5 rockets, each dealing 15% of the bot’s DPS value.

Below is a high-level list of the COMBAT Battle Master Bots and the standard bots (by bot class) in TFEW that they can be quipped on. The complete list of COMBAT bots for Autobots and COMBAT bots for Decepticons they can be equipped on is being added today.

  • Pteraxadon/Terror-Daxtyl – Special and Warrior Class bots
  • Nightstalker/Ravage – Most bots
  • Firedrive/Blowpipe – Special, Air and Gunner Class bots
  • Flak/Cratermaker – Special, Air and Gunner Class bots


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