MSF: New SIM Feature for Blitz Incoming?

MSF Blitz SIM Feature

Just after 5 pm on Thursday evening, players of Marvel Strike Force got a welcome addition to the game. The Blitz game mode, one of the most time-consuming areas of this already demanding game, added a SIM feature for battles. Of course the Blitz mode, which features 20 tiers of Milestones to gain rewards, is an area of the game that the most serious endgamers spend countless hours in, so this appeared to be a welcome addition to speed things up. This is especially important this week, a week where the game has the Hunting Grounds event featuring Milestones and rewards that are incredibly valuable to any serious player.

Unfortunately, moments after it initially appeared, actually while typing this article, the SIM feature also disappeared from the game leaving players scratching their heads. So what will come of this? Only time will tell, but it is clear that the developers are working on ways to help us deal with the heavy time sink that Marvel Strike Force has become.

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