SWGoH: Moff Gideon Confirmed, Rancor Raid Updates in the Works

Moff Gideon - Road Ahead - SWGoH

The road Ahead, once upon a time, was a road map of sorts that gave the fans of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes an idea of what was to come. But somewhere as 2018 turned to 2019 and the leadership of Capital Games changed over, the billion dollars that SWGoH has made was not enough to warrant regular communication to those who spent their hard-earned cash on making the game a success. However, 2020 has slowly gotten better, at least for SWGoH, despite the craziness in the real world, as communication has picked up. The latest evidence of this came last week when the Road Ahead was posted – a real Road Ahead. While it does not indicate that a Mandalorian themed raid is in the works as we hoped, it is packed full of information. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

  1. Moff Gideon is coming to SWGoH. While he will not be joining the game as a Legendary character as many suspected, Moff Gideon will join us as a Marquee Character in “the coming weeks.”
  2. Galactic Challenges will continue to get tweaked from time to time, and an Autocomplete feature will be added for lower tiers. Thus, if you start you battles on the 7th tier and win, all lower tiers will auto-complete and you will gain those rewards without a need to fight.
  3. Challenge Tier Raids, starting with the Rancor Raid. Like Assault Battles, we will start to see a new, evolved version of Raids, beginning with the Rancor Raid, which will reward Relic 8 materials.

This leaves a lot of room for speculation and more, so if you want all of the details here is the original post from Capital Games.


Photo Credit: EA Capital Games

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