MSF: New 5.0 Release Rollout has Begun

Marvel Strike Force

Over the next two months Marvel Strike Force is rolling out a variety of additions to the game, most notable being Real-Time Arena & Mojo’s Mayhem. Here is a look at the notes release available on

Introducing… Mojo, the ruler of the entertainment-obsessed planet of Mojoworld. Mojo amuses the citizens of his dimension with ’round-the-clock TV programming and now he’s searching for stars for his newest show: Real-Time Arena! Help Mojo crush his ratings goals by battling other Commanders in Real-Time Arena to win fabulous prizes. Watch out: certain characters will be banned from use to ensure ample drama! Complete Daily and Weekly Objectives to reap the sweet ratings rewards during each Season.

Note: Due to the holiday season, this release will be longer than usual. Some of the below content — including characters — will arrive throughout an approximate 2-month time period.


• Enhance your squad with 6 new playable characters: Longshot, Shatterstar, Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Yelena, and Red Guardian.
• It’s finally here: Battle Sim for Blitz – Commanders Level 60 and above can now simulate a Blitz battle in seconds.
• Iso-8 Arena Defense Class Lock – Spend less time switching between Classes by locking a Class for your Arena Defense.
• Iso-8 Stats Button – Easily compare your characters’ base stats with Iso-8 stats on the Iso-8 Home Screen.
• Iso-8 Alliance Messaging – Leveling a Class to Level 5 will now trigger a message to your Alliance.
• Roster Saved Squads Update – You can now create and manage Saved Squads from the Roster screen.
• Assemble a top squad with the limited-time Showstopper trait for the limited-time Shatterstar Event Campaign: “Mojoverse Mayhem.”
• New Campaign Chapter: Doom War Chapter 3.
• Raid Difficulty Dial for Greek Raids: Adjust the difficulty and rewards based on your Alliance’s might.
• New brag-worthy Dark Dimension IV profile frames.
• Ability & trait updates to Beast, Punisher, Killmonger, and Mercenary Soldier.


• Iso-8 Fix: Stats for some characters were displaying incorrectly on the Iso-8 stats screen after swapping Iso-8 classes. This has been corrected.
• Iso-8 Fix: the Passive ability for certain characters was incorrectly activating twice when an enemy was eliminated with an Iso-8 Bonus Attack
• Iso-8 Fix: When viewing the Attack History in the Dark Dimension, Iso-8 Power levels were not being factored into the Power displayed. This fix will apply to all new battles moving forward.
• Hey, everyone! Deadpool here. My Basic Ability Description, “Duel Pistols,” now properly includes the Bonus Damage percentage in the upgrades. Yay! Oh, and I’m supposed to tell you that this was only a text fix and my combat is working correctly. Double yay!
• Ghost’s Ultimate ability, “Quantum Explosion,” now properly steals Health from enemies if the primary target is eliminated with the first part of her attack.
• Fun-sized fix: Stature’s attack animation was missing if she was tricked into attacking an ally (i.e. Loki’s Special ability).
• The Elite War Orb II now properly appears as a location option after tapping “Find” for Gear Tier 15 pieces.
• The Orange Elite Orb now appears as a location option after tapping “Find” for unique gear pieces.
• “x0” will no longer appear for Blitz Charge orb reward results if they’ve been maxed out in your inventory.
• Empowered Thanos now truly looks empowered with his corrected visuals on the character information screen.
• Fixed: The Orange Gear War Orb I and Orange Gear War Orb II now appear with their proper titles after tapping “Find” for an item.
• Phylactery tomfoolery: The Phylactery and Mythic Geode gear parts now have the proper images for each in the gear tree.
• Ability correction: The attack for Hawkeye’s Passive ability, “Shot in the Dark,” is now properly unavoidable.
• Smoothed out the feathers (and visual issues) for Falcon’s Redwing finishing animation.


Added Trait: Astonishing X-Men
Ultimate – Mutant Enhancement
• Apply Offense Up to self and all BLASTER, BRAWLER, and UNCANNY or ASTONISHING X-MEN allies.
• Apply Defense Up to self and all PROTECTOR, CONTROLLER, and UNCANNY or ASTONISHING X-MEN allies.
• Apply Speed Up and generate Ability Energy for self and all Support and UNCANNY or ASTONISHING X-MEN allies.
• Apply Regeneration to self and all MUTANT allies.
Passive – Stars and Garters
• If that ally is an ASTONISHING X-MEN heal again for 20% of this character’s Max Health.
Introducing the Skill Military team
With the announcement of Yelena and Red Guardian, we’ll be introducing the Skill Military team. It’s the ideal time to give Punisher and Killmonger the Military trait and build out a new Military team. Most of the Skill Military faction have a new mechanic that represents their use of tactics in combat, where they can take an enemy positive effect to apply it to themselves and all Skill Military allies. While Punisher has traditionally supported the Defenders team, there’s a few other City Heroes that can slot in as a replacement. And yes, we do have plans for additional Defenders in the future! And cue the rumor mill…

Added Trait: Military
Special – Grenade Launcher
• If this character has 3 or more SKILL MILITARY allies, transfer 1 positive effect, excluding Taunt, Stealth, and Evade, from primary target to self and all SKILL MILITARY allies.
Ultimate – Fully Loaded
• In WAR, if this character has 3 or more SKILL MILITARY allies, Attack primary target for 240% damage + 20% Piercing.

Added Trait: Military
Special – Full Auto
• If this character has 3 or more SKILL MILITARY allies, transfer 1 positive effect, excluding Taunt, from primary target to self and all SKILL MILITARY allies.
Passive – Retribution
• Gain +20% chance to Counterattack. Gain +20% chance to Counterattack for each WAKANDAN or SKILL MILITARY ally.

Mercenary Soldier
Added Trait: Military
Special – Frag Grenade
• Attack primary and adjacent targets for 240% damage + apply Bleed.
• In WAR, clear 2 positive effects on primary and adjacent targets.
Passive – Tactical Loadout
• Gain +30% Damage and +15% Health.
New: In WAR
• Gain an additional +30% Damage and +20% Max Health.
• SKILL MILITARY allies gain +20% Max Health.
• MILITARY allies gain +30% Damage.

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