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From time-to-time I like to update the community about recent updates here at As with any content creator, I build content in bunches, trying always to spread it out for consistency, but also knowing that when I get on a roll you better get out of the way. With recent updates to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes that is the case now as much as ever. Here is what I have been working on recently:

  • Updates on Mod Guides – As SWGoH continues to evolve and new characters are added, the way older character are used and interact in-game can change a bit. While it is rarely a massive change and usually just a small shift, these character interactions can impact the focus of the mods. With the addition of The Armorer and the new Mandalorian tag here in January, I have taken the time to personally review all characters with that Mandalorian tag and update all of them. In addition, I am slowly working my way through other factions and reviewing other key characters to include some situational mod strategies to help improve your gameplay.
  • Territory Battles Guides – I made a guild change recently and, in doing so, it has opened up a whole new wealth of information to help me help you. For those looking to perform better in Territory Battles I have added several Phase 3 & 4 guides for the Light Side Geonosis TB. More will come and some updates will be made in the coming months, but I added several missions that were not yet covered and included some more creative Jedi team comps to help players of all levels in this crazy hard game mode.

While more is certain to be added along with the above, this is just a piece of what I am working on in January 2021 – I hope you enjoy!


LJ, Director of Content

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