SWGoH: Light Side Geonosis Territory Battle Resources from Skelturix & Gaming-fans.com

SWGoH - Territory Battles - Jedi

The February Light Side Geonosis Territory Battle has started and any player looking to maximize their Territory Points and help their guild get that extra star can utilize a great many resources to improve their performance in SWGoH. Here are two Territory Battle resources to help you out for this and future Geonosis: Republic Offensive events.

  1. YouTuber Skelturix, one of my personal favorites because of his in-depth breakdowns of different areas of the game. Lately we have been featuring his Galactic Challenge video walkthroughs and his latest video is a Detailed Breakdown of Every Single Enemy Unit in the Geonosis Light Side Territory Battle.
  2. Here at Gaming-fans.com we have a variety of ways to help players improve their game and better understand SWGoH. While we are best known for our mod guides and our role as one of the former SWGoH GameChangers, we also have our Territory Battle walkthrough guides which chronicle our experiences in almost every battle on the Geonosis Territory Battle maps.

There you have it. Two fantastic places to learn more about how to dominate the holotables for this and future Light Side Geonosis Territory Battles.

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