MSF: Adam Warlock set to join Marvel Strike Force in first Mythic Legendary Event

MSF - Adam Warlock

Marvel Strike Force’s next big announced characters is none other than Adam Warlock. Described in detail in the latest post on, Adam Warlock will be the prize in the game’s first-ever Mythic Legendary Event which has some steep requirements. Per the site:

Add the explosive abilities of Adam Warlock to your roster with his upcoming Legendary Event: The Infinity Watch. Join X-Factor Investigations and Jubilee on their intergalactic search for the missing Adam Warlock.

Along with an apex team, Adam Warlock’s arrival also ushers in the first Mythic Legendary Event. In addition to the required characters and star level, Mythic Legendary Events will have additional requirements, such as gear and Iso-8. The minimum requirements (Tier 5) to recruit Adam Warlock are:

– Jubilee at 5 Stars

– Four X-Factor characters at 5 stars

– Character Level 65

– Gear tier 12

– Iso-8 Class Level 3

In addition to Warlock’s addition to the game and his kit reveal in the post, we also receiving information about a MSF API, updates to the Doom Raid, Yo-Yo & Anti-Venom shard availability, upcoming Blitzes and more. Check it all out in the latest post on

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