MSF: Should I Buy the Carbonadium Chaos Offer?

MSF - Carbonadium Chaos Offer has long been a go-to source for information on Marvel Strike Force, from help in Raids, events, what Iso-8 to use or Envoy Program announcements, and the latest limited time offer in the store is sure to be a hot one. Let’s take a look at what this offer involves:

MSF - Carbonadium Chaos OfferPrice: $34.99 USD

What you get: 10 Carbonadium Chaos Orbs – each with a chance to gain shards of Captain America (Sam), Sharon Carter, Maria Hill or Winter Soldier.

My Experience: I purchased this once and feel like I did as well as one could do. The photo to the right shows my rewards – 38 Maria Hill shards, 35 of Sharon Carter and 5 of Captain America (Sam). This allowed me to get Sharon Carter to 5-stars and Capt. Sam was already there, but for me, Maria Hill is the one character holding me up in my quest to unlock Omega Red the first time around.


Should I Buy the Carbonadium Chaos Offer limited time offer?

This come down to your own spending in-game. If you have to have Omega Red for your alliance or for your own competitive satisfaction, or just to appease your addiction to the game, then yeah, I would buy this one. If you are a light spender who is not close on unlocking Omega Red this time around, however, I would advise a hard pass on this offer. Typically, light PTP and strict, focused FTP players can unlock Legendary characters the second time they are available, as I usually do, so it is all up to your own expectations and spending habits with Marvel Strike Force.


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