MSF: Should I Buy the Power Cores & Orbs Pick Your Deal limited time offer?

MSF Power Core Offer has long been a go-to source for information on Marvel Strike Force, from help in Raids, events, what Iso-8 to use or Envoy Program announcements, and the latest Pick Your Deal limited time offer was instantly one we felt like breaking down for the fans. Currently in-game with a $9.99 option and a $34.99 option, here is that you get with this Power Core offer.

$9.99 Power Core Offer

  • 750 Power Cores
  • 2k Honorable Orb Fragments
  • 4k Premium Orb Fragments
  • 2k Red Star Orb Fragments

$34.99 Power Core Offer

  • 2,855 Power Cores
  • 6k Honorable Orb Fragments
  • 10k Premium Orb Fragments
  • 6k Red Star Orb Fragments
  • 10k Training Orb Fragments
  • 10k Premium T1 Iso-8 Orb Fragments

As you can see, for just over 3x the money spent, you get more than 3x as many Power Cores, 3x Honorable Orb Fragments, 2.5x Premium Orb Fragments and 3x Red Star Orb Fragments. However, you also get 10k Training Orb Fragments and 10k Premium T1 Iso-8 Orb Fragments. In addition, the 750 Power Cores for $9.99, while priced the same as we see every day in the store, breaks down to 75 cores per dollar. The 2855 Power Cores is slightly better at 79 cores per dollar.


Should I Buy the Power Cores & Orbs Pick Your Deal limited time offer?

Honestly this come down to your own spending in-game. If you are a big spender this is a better deal than buying the Power Cores on their own, so yes, this is a must-buy. If you are a light speeder this may not be a good enough value for you. Premium Orbs are hit and miss, and I missed more than I hit on my purchase with this one. I am going hard at Silver Samurai, so for me the extra Honorable Orb Fragments was a selling point for me. This proved to be a good move as I pulled an additional 46 Silver Samurai shards from my 6k Honorable Orb Fragments in the $34.99 offer. Finally, with the Experiment X event ending tomorrow, having the extra cores right now can turn into additional Teal gear pieces and Promotion Credits available in the event.


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