Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Grogu”The Child” Women’s Onesie | Small/Medium

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DREAM OF A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY This officially licensed Grogu Women’s Onesie from Star Wars: The Mandalorian is both comfortable and versatile. You can wear this adult onesie as loungewear during your marathon viewing party, slip it over your clothes for an easy cosplay costume, and wear it as cute pajamas for bedtime or while opening your gifts during the holidays. The possibilities are as endless as stars in the galaxy. Cute and comfortable, this one-piece sleepwear is made of 100% soft-touch polyester material. This fandom-themed onesie features an adorable design inspired by The Child — the tiny green creature from the hit Disney Plus series that fans affectionately nicknamed “Baby Yoda.” The finely detailed embroidered designs only add to the cuteness factor, featuring a front applique of Grogu peeking out from the zipper and large back applique of him in the hover pod carriage. Additionally, these full-body pajamas feature ribbed cuffs, a zipper closure, a loose hood with large ears, and two pockets to place your hands or hold precious cargo. Suitable for most adults and Force-sensitives, this Star Wars onesie is perfect for taking long naps on the Razor Crest. CARE INSTRUCTIONS Machine wash cold, gentle cycle Tumble dry low

This Is The Way: Dream of a galaxy far, far away wearing this Star Wars: The Mandalorian Grogu Women’s Onesie. This fun pajama look combines fandom and comfort, with the super soft design inspired by The Child making it the ultimate cozy sleepwear.
Mando-Approved Design: Full-body adult onesie features ribbed cuffs, zipper closure, hood with ears, and pockets. Also includes front applique of The Child (aka Baby Yoda) peeking out from the zipper and large back applique of him in the hover pod.
Cute and Comfy: Made of 100% soft-touch polyester, these high-quality onesie pajamas ensure you’re relaxed while hiding out from the Galactic Empire. Wrap yourself up and enjoy the soft plush design. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.
Sized To Fit: Suitable for most adults and Force-sensitives, these fandom-themed pajamas are the ideal loungewear for everyday use. Take a break after an exhausting day of traveling the galaxy and cozy up on the couch for a Star Wars marathon.
Makes A Great Gift: Specially made for napping on long trips in the Razor Crest, this officially licensed Grogu Women’s Onesie is adorable and cozy. Give Star Wars: The Mandalorian fans the gift of comfort with this long-sleeved sleepwear.

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