SWGoH: Scoring Bug to cause Cancellation of Grand Arena

Grand Arena bug in SWGoH

When I started my Grand Arena Battles this evening I started with a 74 against a Relic 9 Lord Vader and followed with a 64 over a Relic 8 Rey team and I thought, well this is starting off strong. But to my dismay, my opponent, who had only fought 4 of my defensive teams and had yet to clear a Territory, was ahead 678-138. While knew this score was impossible, I still tried some mental math to make it make sense but with no luck. A hard restart of the game showed no difference and I decided to look into if others were experiencing the same issue. And here is what I found:

SBCrumb at 5:17 pm ET:

Hi Holotable Heroes,

We are investigating an issue with Grand Arena Championships where some players are granted extra Banners at the start of the Attack Phase. Please follow this thread for any updates on this issue.

Thank you for your understanding.

Then, at 7:27 pm ET the following was posted by SBCrumb:

Grand Arena Championships will be canceled with a hotfix later today (currently scheduled for approximately 6:15pm PT/02:15 UTC). We will be rescheduling this season as soon as possible likely sometime next week. There be a make good for the resources you missed out on during this time after we have restarted the event. We will share more details on that as soon as we can. Note: Daily Crystals will continue to payout based on your current ranking.

So there you have it. Apparently this bug is such that we cannot even continue the current GAC and any efforts in this round will be wasted and the Grand Arena will not resume until next week.

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