MSF: Using Undying in Alliance War to beat Darkhold, Heroes for Hire & Young Avengers

Alright commanders let’s talk Alliance War offense. Specifically, the new dynamic duo to grace our pocket arcade: Team Undying. Made up of the two most obvious characters to tag team, Hela and Zombie Iron Man… wait… that’s weird. Well whatever, we’ll go with it as these two are tougher to de-ring than Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage (a little dated but you catch my drift). To see how tough they truly are, I took them into the ring to do some practice matches for you. Queue the Allen Iverson meme:


Thank you.

First, let’s talk about what this team does. The game play revolves around a plague-type mechanic Zombie Iron Man (ZIM) has on his passive. When an enemy takes bleed damage they are mind controlled to attack their most injured ally. So your goal is to apply bleeds and spread them out. This is where Hela comes in, as her ultimate, once fully upgraded, spreads all debuffs (sans stun) on the primary target to all other enemies. Don’t forget about Hela’s meager introverted demon pal Greg, who explodes and adds two bleeds to the target. Oh, did I mention that Hela’s two undead allies can’t die while she’s alive? That’s right, it’s queen of the hill and it’s over if she falls down! This is all well and good, but what you really want to know is what classic War defenses do they beat? (Yes, I am psychic and yes, what you are thinking right now is inappropriate).


Undying as a Counter for Young Avengers

Undying vs Young Avenger - MSFThis is exactly why I won’t partner with teenagers in the inevitable zombie apocalypse to come – Absolutely useless vs Undying. I was able to take down a 700K+ team of YA using just ZIM and Hela. I’m not sure if you can play this one incorrectly, but what I like to do is start with ZIM’s special on Squirrel Girl (SG); applying bleed, disrupted, and ability block. This combos nicely into a Hela ult, spreading the infestation to all characters. By the time SG gets to use her cleanse, either she’s dead or one or two of her teammates are. Then you can simply use your auto-battle ability to clean it up.


Undying + as a Counter for Heroes for Hire

Undying vs H4H - MSF The reigning war defense champions can be toppled by the Undying team, though it is tricky and may come down to some RNG. Your main concern is keeping Hela alive. If they french fry, and focus her, when you want them to pizza, you’re going to have a bad time. To win, my strategy was to focus Shang-Chi, as he usually deals the highest damage. This will give you several mind control attacks until you get taunted by Luke Cage. Then, my goal was to kill Cage then jump back Chi. This is a long fight and will come down to whether Hela survives. Characters I liked pairing (and aren’t always used on D) are Deathpool (bleeds and survivability), Doctor Doom (survivability and heal), Viv Vision (I like her… plus blind).


Undying + as a Counter for Darkhold

Undying vs Darkhold - MSF This was a pleasant surprise of a win. I was able to punch-up 300K while facing off on this team. I paired Undying with team Need for Speed (Loki, Cable, and Emma Frost). My goal was to mind control Morgan Le Fay to damage the rest of her teammates as much as possible. Then I just chipped away at them slowly. This is another RNG fight since if the A.I. focuses and kills Hella, Game Over.


MSF Counters with Undying that do NOT work

Now, there were some teams I was hoping to beat but could not…

Gamma – Honestly, I could barely damage them in an even strength matchup. I guess it’s true that gamma radiation does fend off the Zombie pathogen. Always trust the internet folks.

Tangled Web Eternals – Yes, again I know what you’re thinking “JB, why didn’t you test them separately too?” and my response… “oops”. Well, you get what you get and this was not a winner. Whether it was Eternals cleansing debuffs or Tangled Websters spoiling my plans… it wasn’t going to happen. I would not recommend trying this one.

Punch-up Marauders – I thought I’d try another huge punch-up (190K to 810K+ against a Marauders/Emma team, and as Ron Burgundy once put it “Milk was a bad choice”. There was just too much cleanse on that team to get anything going here. They have their own counters anyway so who cares!

Commanders, you are now ready to take your Undying friends into battle! And, at the very least, will have a lot of fun doing it. They are definitely one of my new favorites. Grind On!


By: JB, Staff Writer
Twitter: MGF_JB
YouTube: Grind Force Gaming

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