SWGoH: Rise of the Empire – Phase 3 Neutral Special Mission with Inquisitors (Third Sister – Reva Shards)

SWGoH - Rise of the Empire - Third Sister Shards - Special Mission

Phase 3 of the newest Territory Battles is here as the Rise of the Empire Territory Battle continues to progress. Unlike previous Territory Battles in SWGoH, the Rise of the Empire TB features Light Side, Dark Side and Neutral paths and Platoons are now called Operations.

The Rise of the Empire Territory Battle features six Phases which last 24 hours each. Each of the six Phases of the event has a Special Mission rewarding Mk III Guild Event Tokens in Phases 1, 4, 5 and 6 and Reva (Third Sister) shards in Phase 3.

The following is a Walkthrough of my experiences in Phase 3 that will be updated over time. Specifically, this covers the Phase 3 Neutral Special Mission on Tatooine that everyone will want to master in an effort to gain Reva (Third Sister) shards. This battle requires a Relic 7 Grand Inquisitor and the reward is 1 Reva (Third Sister) shard per victory within you guild, up to a max of 50.

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The post-NERF battle:

Now that EA Capital Games has figured out how to make their game work properly, two months later,

Phase 3 Combat Mission Requirements:

  • Grand Inquisitor – Relic 7+


My Roster of Characters:

  • Total Power – _ power
  • Grand Inquisitor – Relic 8 – 37,507 power, Speed & Defense mods, 285 speed (Leader)
  • Seventh Sister – Relic 7 – 33,261 power, Speed & Defense mods, 333 speed
  • Ninth Sister – Relic 8 – 35,604 power, Tenacity & Defense mods, 291 speed
  • Fifth Brother – Relic 7 – 30,970 power, Speed & Defense mods, 332 speed
  • Eighth Brother – Relic 7 – 30,987 power, Offense & Health mods, 321 speed


Phase 3 Neutral Special Mission Battle Notes:

03.09.23 – I remodded based on the new/modified mechanic of the battle. While high Protection and a de-emphasis on Health remains, the turn order of the Inquisitors and timing of specific abilities is more important now than before the nerf, as is the use of Eighth Brother over Second Sister. Key elements of the battle with the Jawas in the first wave are getting 6 stacks of Purge on Chief Nebit, getting Tenacity Up before using AoE attacks, and cleansing with the Grand Inquisitor’s middle ability when you get to 6-9+ DoTs.

03.23.23 – A lot of bad rag in this battle as I ended up struggling to get Nebit to 6 stacks of Purge causing the Grand Inquisitor’s AoE cleanse and heal to come after losing Seventh Sister. This meant the opening with JMK was a bit tougher, but I was able to survive and get the win.

The pre-NERF Third Sister battle…


Phase 3 Combat Mission Requirements:

  • Grand Inquisitor – Relic 7+


My Roster of Characters:

  • Total Power – 165,871 power
  • Grand Inquisitor – Relic 7 – 35,346 power, Speed & Health mods, 344 speed
  • Seventh Sister – Relic 7 – 33,327 power, Speed & Health mods, 356 speed
  • Ninth Sister – Relic 8 – 35,472 power, Tenacity, Defense & Health mods
  • Fifth Brother – Relic 7 – 30,904 power, Health & Potency mods, 321 speed
  • Second Sister – Relic 7 – 30,822 power, CC & CD mods, 326 speed


Phase 3 Neutral Special Mission Battle Notes:

12.15.22 – I remodded this team to prepare and only the Ninth Sister has her normal mods equipped. Facing Jawas in the first wave, the enemies come out firing, stunning Ninth Sister and applying DoTs and CC Down. I heal Ninth Sister and Torture Chief Nebit and work him down below 100% health. When Seventh Sister’s turn comes again I use the middle ability on Jawa Scavenger and get an Ability Block, then GI uses the middle ability to heal. I then kill off Chief Nebit and look to survive the DoTs as I kill Jawa and watch Jawa Scavenger fall to the DoTs. I heal Night Sister and Engineer dies but Dathcha is hiding as I am forced to attack the Pirate Leader. Dathcha succumbs to the DoTs as my weekend team heads into the second wave.

Jedi Master Kenobi and a random Pirate Leader are the lone enemies in this second wave and I have Seventh Sister in the red and Fifth Brother in the yellow. I start with basics on JMK as that was all I could do as I continue to worry about the health. Three turns in and I have 5 stacks of Purge on JMK plus Speed, Offense and Accuracy Down as well as Healing Immunity, so that part of the plan is working. Luckily, GI’s middle ability comes up healing my team and Ability Block is on JMK as I continue to pile the debuffs on him. A heal from Seventh Sister and the momentum is on my side. JMK is thick and can take a punch, but I add Torture and Vulnerable from GI and Fifth Brother respectively as I am able to overwhelm Jedi Master Kenobi and score the Third Sister (Reva) shard for my guild.

12.30.22 – I remod again and I actually save the mod load outs this time. Ninth Sister remains untouched on mod changes, however she has had the mod slicing focus for two weeks and is almost at all-gold 6-dot mods. My speed stats are better across the board with 7th Sister 363, GI 348, 5th Brother 333, 2nd Sister 326 and 9th Sister at 297.

To the battle this turns out to be a massive fail on my part. I try to hold onto the Grand Inquisitor’s health-equalizing middle ability and the Damage Over Time debuffs are too much, as I screw the whole thing up and die at the end of the first wave.

My Roster of Characters:

  • Total Power – 165,871 power
  • Grand Inquisitor – Relic 7 – 35,313 power, Offense & Potency mods, 325 speed
  • Seventh Sister – Relic 7 – 33,376 power, Speed & Health mods, 356 speed
  • Ninth Sister – Relic 8 – 35,521 power, Tenacity & (2) Defense mod sets, 255 speed & 168k protection
  • Fifth Brother – Relic 7 – 30,937 power, Speed & Potency mods, 352 speed
  • Eighth Brother – Relic 7 – 30,666 power, Offense & Potency mods, 308 speed


Phase 3 Neutral Special Mission Battle Notes:

01.12.23 – I remodded this team again per the recommendation of my guild as we all now understand that DoT damage is based on Max Health, so all of my characters have Protection primaries on their applicable mods.

To the battle, and I start with a 5th Bro basic and then Torture Nebit while getting the 9th Sister to use her 3rd ability. Once the Jawas have buffs I use the 5th Brother’s AoE to dispel, and unlike last time, the second turn for the Grand Inquisitor is his AoE which equalizes Health. At this point the Jawas are loaded with debuffs and Nebit dies first, as we are at 10+ DoTs on each and I heal up with 7th Sister. The DoTs and basic attacks help me head into the showdown with JMK in good shape.

Now fighting Jedi Master Kenobi and the key here is getting a ton of debuffs on him and working him down from there. I get all the way to 6 stacks of Purge and add an Armor Shred with 8th Brother and add in some Torture for added effect. JMK has no help or chance here and I get an easy win with the Jawas being the key to all of it.


01.26.23 – Fighting with the same mods and the same characters only slightly more Protection on 8th Brother, I go into battle once again. After a perfect 44 for 44 for my guild in the last Rise of the Empire Territory Battle, I’d be lying if I said I did not feel any pressure here, but I have always been one to enjoy pressure and welcome the spotlight.

To the battle, my turn order is a bit different than expected, but the battle is starting to become familiar. I hold onto the Grand Inquisitor’s middle ability until I have 7 DoTs on my team and use it there to cleanse and the Jawas start to drop. The second wave with JMK is the same cakewalk as before as I cruise to another win putting me at 3 for 4 overall.


02.09.23 – Fighting with everything identical to last time, I get stunned to start the battle but fight through it, healing 9th Sister with 7th when she can. I survive and cleanse the DoTs to move on to JMK where I load him with debuffs and cruise to an easy win. Next time around the originally intended mechanics will be in place, but not before I will be over halfway done with the Third Sister shards needed to unlock Reva.

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