SWGoH: Assault Battles – Secrets & Shadows – Challenge Tier 3 Tips & Walkthrough

Challenge Tier 3 - Secrets & Shadows

Assault Battle are recurring events in SWGoH that pit users against specific factions and limit the characters that can be used to battle. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes upped the difficulty in the Assault Battles in early 2020 adding new rewards and much more difficult battles. The addition of Challenge Tier I introduced Gear 12 finisher gear pieces as rewards while Challenge Tier II added Relic materials to the prize for winning. A Challenge Tier III level was added as well, offering more Relic materials needed to power up your roster. The Assault Battles: Secrets and Shadows event uses Nightsisters and Phoenix characters facing Sith for the prize, and below are the notes of what has worked for me.


SWGoH Assault Battles: Secrets and Shadows – Challenge Tier III

Characters Used (note all abilities maxed unless otherwise noted, all mods are 5-dot, gold or 6-dot mods):

  • Mother Talzin – 30,793 power, Relic 6, 6 6-dot mods, Health, Offense sets
    • Speed 275, H/P 127k, Potency 92.84%, Special Damage 12,359
  • Asajj Ventress – 24,148, Relic 5, 6 6-dot mods, Critical Damage & Health sets
    • Speed 248, H/P 104k, Potency 95.95%, CD 229.5%
  • Merrin – 30,220 power, Relic 6, 6 6-dot mods, 2 Potency & 1 Health set
    • Speed 226, H/P 132k, Potency 177.91%
  • Nightsisters Zombie – 27,300 power, Relic 7, 6 6-dot mods, Speed & Health sets
    • Speed 305, H/P 154k, Potency 62.31%, Tenacity 49.6%, Armor 69.4%
  • Old Daka – 31,888 power, Relic 8, 6 6-dot mods, 3 Health sets
    • Speed 230, Health 174k, Potency 74.89%

Battle 1 & 2 – With Relics and mods anywhere close to the above you can put the game on auto for these two battles. Before Merrin these took forever to complete, but the extra Plague debuffs have changed this dramatically.

Battle 3 – This battle is where I focus on setting up the next battle by keeping cooldowns in a good spot and using a lot of basic attacks. Just look to control Dooku with Asajj or Dana’s stuns and the Battle Droids will fall off from Plague.

Battle 4 – This is where RNG matters and having a high Relic Old Daka is imperative. Darth Sidious comes out with a deadly AoE and having Old Daka survive is the key to getting past him. When Merrin can use her middle ability

After surviving the AoE to start, keep Old Daka alive by having NZ taunt and healing with Asajj or Daka if necessary, and land as many Plague debuffs on Darth Sidious as possible. This happens when Talzin attacks or the other Nightsisters use non-basic attacks under her lead.

Battles 5 – This is the recovery battle and it is not easy. If you made it past Darth Sidious in Battle #4 you likely have a low health Old Daka, no matter her mods or Relic level, but this is where Merrin’s middle ability that revives a Nightsister ally saves the day. Control Darth Vader with stuns if possible from Merrin, Daka or Asajj and take out the Death Trooper early to advance.

Battle 6 – This battle is more annoying than difficult with the Stormtroopers and Captain Phasma buffing their allies continuously. Save Asajj’s buff dispel for after the First Order Stormtroopers taunt and it is less annoying at the end if you use more than basic abilities, which is what I did.

Battle 7 – Once again, more annoying than difficult at these Relic levels. Kylo Ren is the challenge here and keeping him stunned as much as possible and using Mother Talzin’s 3rd ability to mass attack Kylo is what made the difference for me after killing all of the other enemies.

Battle 8 – An immediate Darth Nihilus insta-kill results in Nightsister Zombie reviving and the locked Instant Defeat Immunity buff make this battle into an easy one as getting Plague debuffs on each of the three enemies will eventually kill them off.

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