Are There Any Horses in Marvel Comics?

Are There Any Horses in Marvel Comics?

The Marvel Universe is massive, and we are still exploring connections and intersections between realms. Apart from each comic book having a superhero to save the day, we also had quite a few horses that were introduced in Marvel comics.  Some of the horses were only the hero’s trusted companions, while others had superpowers and gave the hero a different way to defeat the villains.

Horses are quite common in comic movies, and there is a good reason for that. Apart form sharing a long history with us, which embedded horses in our society and culture and inspired comic book writers, they also share a deeper symbolism.

These incredible creatures represent many things such as: power, loyalty, endurance, strength, speed, and more. They are also commonly found in ancient mythology in different civilizations, and since some Marvel comics are also inspired by Myths, it shouldn’t be surprising for us to find many equine stars.

That’s why in today’s article we will dive deeper and find out some of the most popular horses featured in Marvel comic books.

Horse Characters in Marvel Comics


This is one of the most popular horses that actually had an important role in Marvel comics. Aragorn is a horse owned by Dr. Dane Whitman, or to most Marvel fans, the Black Knight.

Whitman was the nephew of Professor Nathan Garrett who had adopted the guise of the earlier, criminal Black Night.

Whitman created Aragorn, a flying steed, by mutating a different horse using Garrett’s genetic skills. The new Black Knight placed Aragorn in the care of Brunnhilde the Valkyrie, who in turn gave him to Samantha Parrington, her successor when she departed her own time for a brief visit in the 12th century AD.

This horse was fast! Really fast. He would probably win the Kentucky Derby and be part of the best horse racing promotions without even using its wings.

Aragorn is a mystical creature bonded to the character Valkyrie. Do you remember the scene from Thor Ragnarok, where Valkyrie comes with all the flying horses to help Thor defeat his sister Hela? It was quite impressive. This winged horse possesses incredible powers, including flight and enhanced strength, making him a formidable ally in battle.

2. Brightwind

We are sticking with Thor, but now instead of Valkyrie horse, we have a similar flying horse that comes from Asgard, Thor’s home. This was the horse that Dani Moonstar rode in the comics and was quite popular at that time.  Dani’s affinity with Brightwind and his ability to save it from a trap led to his selection as a Valkyrior.

Moonstar returned to Earth after losing favor with Asgard, and her horse took on the name Darkwind. When Reignfire found out that they had infiltrated his Mutant Liberation Front, he murdered Brightwind.

3. Elendil as Hellhorse (Earth-616)

Nathan Garrett, a physicist, was compelled to escape the United States and ended up in the Balkans after it was discovered that he was a Communist spy.

There, he was motivated to become the evil known as the Black Knight by a statue of a winged horse in the hamlet. He created genetic engineering methods and applied his scientific understanding to alter a horse. The horse was able to fly thanks to the manufactured mutations that gave him huge, feathered wings and other unique features.

The scientist Nathan Garret was almost impossible to beat. Only one man stood a chance with the Hellhorse, and that was the original Iron Man. However, the horse flew away and was further mutated by Victoria Frankenstein, and later fell into the possession of the Dreadknight.

4. Widow

Here we have a horse that has the Spider-man’s superpowers. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Widow was a male horse who was actually beaten by a Radioactive spider and developed special superpowers.

The web-slinger was the person riding the horse. Together they were recruited by Miles Morales to join the web warriors. This comic book was often comical, due to the horse’s way of dealing with the enemies.

5. Banshee

This is another great horse who was actually a wild stallion tamed by Carter Slade when he first became the original Ghost Rider. (appeared later as Night Rider)  But the first Ghost Rider lacked any magical powers. Hamilton Slade now rides on the spirit of Banshee.

Historical Significance

The inclusion of horses in Marvel comics reflects not only the diversity of the universe but also pays homage to traditional storytelling elements where horses symbolize strength, freedom, and loyalty.

These equine characters often serve as companions or mounts for heroes, enhancing the adventurous spirit of their quests.

Evolution of Horse Characters

Over the years, the portrayal of horses in Marvel comics has evolved, showcasing a range of personalities and abilities.

From mystical beings to fierce allies, these equine characters contribute to the narrative depth and emotional resonance of the stories they inhabit.

Fan Reception and Impact

Fans have embraced horse characters in Marvel comics, appreciating the added dimension they bring to the storytelling. The presence of horses allows for unique plot twists, emotional connections, and thematic exploration, resonating with readers of all ages.


Photo credits:

The Avengers #48 (Jan. 1968) Cover art by George Tuska.

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