Secrets of landing and shooting in Call of Duty Warzone 2

Secrets of landing and shooting in Call of Duty Warzone 2

If you want to play a full-fledged battle royale simulator in the best traditions of the Call of Duty series, then you should turn your attention to the Warzone mode.  This is a format in which many players compete against each other to become the top 1 last player standing who will receive the largest rank boost in Call of Duty Warzone 2.

You will choose your landing location yourself, and you will need to look for weapons, accessories and ammunition during the match.  The playing area will be reduced three times to force all players to fully fight against each other, rather than hide from danger, until there are few competitors left for boosting in Code Warzone.

From time to time, an air drop with a random high-class weapon will be thrown onto the ground, all players will be notified about it, indicating the location, and you will be able to decide whether it is worth the risk for a good weapon, or whether it is worth ambushing other players, or completely ignoring this period of the match.

Beginning of the game

Your boost in Call of Duty Warzone will begin with a warm-up, in which you can practice your shooting and movement until all the players are loaded onto the server and sent to the plane.

Disembarkation stage

When you get on board the plane with other players, it will begin its flight over the game map along a random trajectory, and you decide for yourself at what moment you want to start your disembarkation.  You will fly by parachute and look for the best place, so that after landing you can immediately run into a safe building and start searching for weapons and survival equipment on the game map.

You can land on the edge of the map in order to avoid competition as much as possible and look for weapons to continue the battle, but this tactic has a significant drawback – if the game map begins to narrow at the opposite point, then you will have to make your way to the safe zone through all competitors and opponents, which can be dangerous and will negatively affect your rank in Warzone 2 if you die early in the match.

If you choose large hangars and larger clusters of houses, then you will be taking a risk by fighting with a large number of players who are always looking for action and shooting in all matches.  You can land on such locations if you want to train your shooting and the skill of quickly collecting weapons, cartridges and ammunition for battle.

If you die often, your Warzone 2 rank will decrease, but by gaining shooting and survival skills, you can easily regain it in the future.  The best option is buildings that you can quickly run into after landing and continue searching for all the necessary equipment. In CoD Warzone 2, it is advisable to have several of them, because you can find many caches of weapons and the larger the area, the greater the chance of finding something valuable.

Secrets of landing and shooting in Call of Duty Warzone 2

Weapons and equipment

In CoD Warzone 2, there are many variants of weapons of different ranks, ranging from common to legendary, which are outlined in an orange frame, which differ in their overall damage.  It is best to look for an assault rifle – Galil, AK, or SCAR will suit you, they will have the strongest damage and stable shooting at any distance, which makes them the best and most sought-after weapon.

Next, you can look for automatic weapons and pistols, which, although they do not have high damage, but due to their rate of fire can destroy opponents in close combat and during battles at medium distances.  You can equip shotguns to attack enemies at close range, but it’s best to leave it to your secondary weapon because it won’t do much against assault weapons.  You need to look for sights and silencers for your type of weapon to be able to aim and see and attack the enemy from afar, and the silencer in order to hide the location of your attack and give you a better chance of completing your attack safely.

Medicines and armor

To safely continue your survival and movement towards top 1 rank for boosting in Call of Duty Warzone 2, you need medicine and armor elements.  If you are wounded or lose your supply of body armor, you can heal your wounds with first aid kits and restore armor plates with the help of armor elements and get a character completely ready to continue fighting.  You can change armor modules and use first aid kits even while moving, which is what you need to use when hiding from opponents


To stay alive longer in a location, you need to adhere to several principles.  Avoid open locations and move covertly, from cover to cover, because you never know when the enemies will be able to find a sniper rifle, or an assault weapon with an increased scope and if you get under fire, you can easily lose your life and lose the prospect of boosting in Cod Warzone.  Avoid artillery attacks and poisonous gas, which will be periodically applied to a random part of the map. You need to hide from them, or leave the area, or put on a gas mask.

Do not run after the airdrop, except in situations where you find yourself directly in the release zone, otherwise you risk being ambushed and killed.  Do not delay entering the safe zone.  After shrinking the map, all players who find themselves outside of it will begin to lose health until they die or return to the safe zone. Just go to at least the edge of the map and take an advantageous position to have a chance to destroy your opponents.  To ensure that you always have a supply of ammunition and the ability to switch weapons, never use weapons that use one type of ammunition.


Call of Duty has a developed transport system with and without weapons, which you need to use when you need speed to leave a dangerous zone, or get to an advantageous point on the map, but remember that enemies can destroy your transport and you behind the wheel, or track your location on abandoned equipment.

You will have access to cars of varying degrees of security and internal weapons, and even helicopters, which can be found in team rating confrontations, which will determine your boost in Warzone 2 in matches where each team is represented by three players.

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