SWGoH GameChangers

SWGoH Game Changers

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a complex and enjoyable game, and to help players and fans alike navigate their way through the game and its many features, EA & CG created the GameChangers program. Who are the SWGoH GameChangers you ask? They are an exclusive group of players who cover SWGoH with breaking news and announcements, character strategy and review, theory crafting and tips or guides to help players know how to best use their resources to perform better in the Squad Arena, in Raids, Territory Battles, the Galactic War and more.

A list of the SWGoH GameChangers is below. Also, be sure to review the latest GameChangers program news here at Gaming-fans.com where we will also feature videos from each of these great YouTube video producers.

AhnaldT101 SWGoHAhnaldT101 – AhnaldT101 has been playing SWGOH for 2 years and his YouTube channel provides various guides ranging from arena to the raids but also believes in the philosophy of entertaining while teaching. Although his videos are aimed at providing advice on how to do the best in the game you can always expect some humor so you are leaving the video with a smile. His favorite Star Wars faction is the Galactic Empire. Outside of YouTube he is a law student, law clerk, avid car/motorcycle enthusiast, knows every line Arnold Schwarzenegger said in every movie, and loves to perform songs from artists such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Michael Bublè.


SWGoH - Crazy ExcusesCrazy Excuses – Crazy has been playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes since the game’s launch, giving her the nickname “Old Daka.” She enjoys gearing Ventress, long battles with Zeta Kylo Ren, and refusing to use Luke in the Squad Arena (does that make her a rebel?). Her greatest passions in the game are being a guild leader in her community and finding new ways to have fun in the game. She has accumulated knowledge through her time tackling new content but she isn’t afraid to goof off and laugh her way through mistakes. You can find her through her YouTube channel or the SWGoHindepth podcast.


SWGoH - DBofficial125DBofficial125 – DB is SWGOH’s original Twitch streamer, starting before there was a community and before the game was even in the catalogue back in December 2016. Steady growth of his channel (and a lot of Twitter pressure) saw the game added on Twitch and DB becoming a day one Affiliate. After almost a year he was added to the GameChangers following a fan campaign. DB spends his streams split between helping other players, growing his AoK guild and entertaining with his rescue dog Pixie. Other than his obsession with Star Wars, DB is also a former competitive Mixed Martial Artist at Flyweight/Bantamweight (where the 125 comes from in his name) and a national radio played musician who was briefly signed in the late 2000’s.

SWGoH - CubsFanHanCubsFanHan – CubsFanHan is a F2P player that has been playing SWGOH since launch. He fell into YouTube by accident when he started making videos for his community of 7 guilds in June 2017. CFH loves all things SWGOH but specializes in Squad Arena combat. CubsFanHan’s YouTube channel is also known for his monthly SWGOH Top 15 poll, his Bag of Questions series, and epic collab videos with other YouTubers! Come check out CubsFanHan’s channel for a good dose of SWOGH knowledge, strategy, opinions, with a nice dose of humor!


Gaming Fans - SWGoHGaming-fans.com – Started in 2016, Gaming-fans.com is a site dedicated to fans of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and a handful of other games. Best known for their Mod Guides and Zeta Reviews, Gaming-fans.com is run by its Director of Content, LJ, and his awesome staff of SWGoH players and fans. While Gaming-fans.com does not have a YouTube channel, it instead seeks to promote these fine GameChangers  in an effort to best serve the Galaxy of Heroes community and is always looking for ways to educate the millions of SWGoH players across the globe on the intricacies of the game.


SWGoH - Going NerdyGoing Nerdy – GoingNerdy is another veteran player who has been playing since shortly after the launch of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. His site, GoingNerdy.com is a place where people can go to explore all things nerd, but mostly just for him to rant about Star Wars and Marvel things. GoingNerdy has been on Youtube since February of 2017 and tries to make videos that he’d like to watch. His main focus is to find teams that are fun to play. His Fan Favorite Friday series highlights a player-requested team and looks at its viability in different areas of the game. Check out the latest from GoingNerdy’s YouTube Channel today!


SWGoH - LeonLeon – Leon has been playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes since January 2016 and has covered every Event since July 2016. The lone German GameChanger, Leon translates every Content Update to German for the benefit of his loyal YouTube subscribers. Leon’s YouTube channel can be found at https://www.youtube.com/c/Leon24.



Mist PassiertMist Passiert – Mist Passiert started making videos in March of 2016 and been playing since the global launch on 25 November 2015. His YouTube channel‘s focus is mainly on SWGoH character reviews, guides, and videos for the new and free to play players.



SWGoH - NukinNukin





Remon Azab - SWGoHRemon Azab





SWGoH - WarriorWarrior – Warrior specializes in the education of all facets of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. I love theory crafting and Arena! I am also the originator of the roster review and the worth it series. I have two channels so make sure to check both of them out!



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