Key Characters for Success in the Tank Takedown Raid

One thing that all Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes players must have in order to be highly successful is the correct characters. While we all have sought out that one single dominant character to tip the scales in our favor, the game always seems to have a way of evening things out. Early on it was Rey, then the upgrade to Anakin Skywalker made his offense significantly more desirable, and for a short time Emperor Palpatine was the hot commodity. Interestingly enough it is always about the offense…

In today’s SWGOH game it is no different – all about the offense. While the Empire had all of the might during the original Star Wars trilogy of movies, it is the Rebels that have all of the might in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – especially when it comes to the Tank Takedown Raid. Wedge Antilles, Biggs Darklighter (aka Wiggs when used together) and Lando Calrissian are all farmable characters, that, if used and built up correctly, can be devastatingly powerful in the Tank Takedown, as well as in the Squad Arena and Galactic War.

Wedge Antilles - SWGOHWhy are these Rebels so important to the strategy for the Tank Takedown Raid? Let’s take a look at each character, and we will review Rebel Leader Admiral Akbar as well:

Wedge Antilles – Wedge is an offensive machine. How to build Wedge is pretty much the same as Biggs and Lando below – Critical Damage mods. Get his Critical Damage around 200% and work on the Critical Chance as well and you will see what I mean.

Biggs Darklighter – The value of Biggs Darklighter is the synergy with Wedge. Biggs Darklighter - SWGOHHis big attack (Comrade-in-Arms) not only calls an ally to assist, but with Wedge on the squad it also calls Wedge. A 3-for-1 – not bad! Add in high Critical Damage for Biggs and Wedge, and the chance for a 30-50k+ damage turn is real. Make sure to Omega the Comrade-in-Arms to ensure additional attacks as the Omega material reduces the cooldown by 1.

Lando Calrissian – Get the point yet? Lando is likely the most effective of the group thanks to his AOE attack (“Double Down” all attack) which, in the event of a single Critical Hit resets his cooldowns. The most effective opponents I find in the Squad Arena have Lando using his AOE again and again.

Admiral Ackbar – Admiral Ackbar is that guy on your team that isn’t always the best player, but you never want him against you because he is a pain in the butt (like Yoda IMO). Admiral Ackbar - SWGOHHe can create more attacks with his Tactical Genius and clearing all of the negative status effects which makes him a healer, especially in Phase 2 of the Tank Takedown Raid.

What works for you? Anyone missing from this list that you swear by? I’d love to here your thoughts in the comments section.

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