SWGoH Squad Tournament: Infiltration – Cassian Andor

Just a couple of days after the Jyn Erso Tournament on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, the newest Squad Tournament entitled “Infiltration” will begin on Wednesday, December 21st at 4 pm ET with Cassian Andor shards on the line. Andor, a star of the new Rogue One movie, opens on SWGoH as a 3-star character and is described by the game as “A Rebel support character, Cassian gives his Rebel allies buffs at the start of each encounter, giving his squad an immense advantage from the very start of a battle. An accomplished tactician, (we added the comma here – the game incorrectly did not…) Cassian is best utilized to cripple his enemies with debuffs throughout the battle, leaving them easy pickings for his allies to finish off.”

Although I cannot find specifics, the Jyn Erso Tournament was a 1-day tourney so I am assuming Infiltration will be as well.

Many in my Guild Alliance have already stated that they were unable to make a strong push for both Jyn and Cassian, but I still have 80k Ally points to put towards acquiring Cassian and add him beside my 4-star Jyn Erso.

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