SWGoH: Should I save my Ally Points or spend them?

One common theme at the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes was Tournaments. But while a handful of them were used to introduce new characters such as Chirrut Imwe, Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor and more, the SWGoH Character Tournaments disappeared faster than that 50th Guild member who nobody has heard from in the past week. While rumors of hackers and the nerfed Barris Zeta seemingly played a role in their demise, at least in the short term, the accumulation of Ally Points is underway for all of us. But should you spend your Ally Points? Let’s spend a few and see what we get.

Fortunately for me my son (and sometimes daughter too) like this game and play it regularly. But when you have a game that mimics running a business with 20 daily items on the checklist, it’s tough for two kids under 10 to keep up with. So I will spend some of the over 276k Ally Points on their SWGoH game and see what we get.

Ally Points Spent: 100k Total (40k on January 24th, 60k on the 26th) (400 ally point purchases/Bronzium Cards)

Common Gear: 277 times (69.25%)

Character Shards: 49 times (12.25%) – totaled 118 shards

Training Droids: 35 times (8.75%)

Credits: 39 times (9.75%) – total of 24,500 credits


01.26.17 Update – PsychoPoet, one of my Guild teammates, did some similar, more thorough research and provided the following information:

1,035 Bronzium Card pulls (over 250k ally points)

  • 52,800 credits
  • 317 character shards
  • 10+ character shards of: Snowtrooper (12), IG-86 (15), IG-100 (17), Ewok Elder (18), JKG (19), Biggs Darklighter (20), Stormtrooper (27), Ahsoka Tano (31), Dathcha (33), Royal Guard (39)

Ally Points Usage Summary: So who should spend their Ally Points? In my opinion, FTP (Free to Play) gamers should just do the minimum in Tournaments, if we have them again in the future, and focus instead on getting stronger, stronger, stronger. Any user, FTP or PTP (Pay to Play), who needs to complete IG-86, Ewok Scout, Imperial Royal Guard or the Clone Sergeant will also benefit from spending their ally points as the shards alone can help you strengthen your characters in the long-term. Interestingly enough I spent about 10k yesterday without specific tracking and pulled the Royal Guard for 20+ shards while today I did not see him come up a single time.

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