Weekend Earth Wars Report: Countdown to Combination!


Weekend Earth Wars Report: Countdown to Combination!


Good morning Cybertron! New combiners are on the horizon as this weekend, we begin the Countdown to Combination for 1/27/17-1/29/17.

“Given the tremendous burden that each faction’s lone Combiner must shoulder, it’s evident that relying on only one Combiner is not a long term solution to the enemy threat! Both factions initiate plans to form additional Combiners, each built with 5 bots to help share the massive responsibility. Collect the necessary bots and activate your Combiner in the Combiner lab to unleash colossal power upon your opponent!”

Resources and bots are coming together to unleash the second of the Combiners. This weekends event is an alliance event promising a 4 Star bot for the next Combiner if you can make it to the end of the prizes! Here’s what’s on the board for the weekend prizes:

This event is sadly, a solo one with no prestige’s, so while it does offer some limited prizes, the prospect of a 4 Star bot is never something to scoff at!

Grab your alliance team mates and get ready for a full powered push for that golden crystal! Have fun! Til all are one!


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