Weekend Earth Wars Report: Working the Sharks Out

Weekend Earth Wars Report: Working the Sharks Out


Good morning Cybertron! After another flood of Sharkticons poured through, we’re now ready for the new event for 2/17/17-2/19/17.


“With the Sharkticons cleared out of the Spaced Bridge, both factions turn their attention back to Perceptor and Lockdown. Now the Autobots and Decepticons must focus on keeping the opposing faction busy while attempting to lock on to their bots co-ordinates.

It’s clean up aftermath this weekend, so not huge or super exciting prizes, but hey, we’re getting something and some exp, right?


This event is an Alliance event, so you and your friends all will be working hard this weekend to grab as much as you can! Here’s the prizes for this week:


Grab your alliance team mates and help get those scraps from the Sharkticons out of your bases! Have fun! Til all are one!

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