SWGoH New Character Review: Sith Trooper

With the new Lord of Hunger events and the addition of three new characters to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, I found it appropriate that we review the first of those toons, the Sith Trooper. A strong Sith support character, the Sith Trooper is another throwback to the Star Wars Knights of the Old Rebublic games and KOTOR Lego sets. Sith Trooper - SWGoHFor the sake of SWGoH, the Sith Trooper looks like the Royal Guard had an awesome baby with the Shoretrooper – details below.

Sith Trooper has a basic attack called Disruptor Blast which has a 70% chance to inflict defense down for 3 turns. While it is not a big-hitter, if the enemy is already rebuffed it will ignore protection.

The Crimson Barrage attack is a AOE with a 70% chance to inflict offense down on the enemies for 2 turns. The key here is if the enemies are debuffed, the Sith Trooper then gains 5% protection for each rebuffed enemy AND the hit ignores the enemy’s protection. Can you say Phase 3 of the AAT/HAAT?

Finally, the Sith Trooper’s unique ability, Vaiken’s Legacy, is sick. First, he has +100% defense. Then, when a Sith ally uses a special attack he gains defense up for 2 turns. If he already has defense up, he gains taunt for 2 turns. If he already has taunt, he gains retribution for 2 turns. As if that was not enough, he gains defense up for 2 turns to start each encounter.

While I’m not going to analyze the specific mods in great detail today, like in our popular “Best Mods for SWGoH Toons” articles, a quick look at his abilities has me leaning towards potency, defense, protection and health mods.

My overall thoughts are that this character will be a major player in the arena very soon, likely at the 3-star level he unlocks at. He looks like a better version of the Shoretrooper and the Sith Meta is definitely underway in my opinion. Paired with the new Sith Assassin, Nihilus and Vader, Maul or Sidious (2 of the 3), this could make for a top-ranked Arena team. In addition, his ability to regain protection looks like a huge winner in Phase 3 of the Heroic AAT.

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