SWGoH: Should I Buy Cassian’s U-Wing Bundle?

A new item popped up in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes’ data card store at the end of las week – Cassian’s U-Wing Bundle. SWGoH Cassian's U-Wing BundlePriced at $39.99, it guarantees the shards to unlock Cassian Andor (50 shards) of Rogue One at 3-stars and his U-Wing at 4-stars. In addition, the bundle promises 50 shards of K-2SO and 80 shards of Jyn Erso to open both of Cassian’s crew members alongside him on the U-Wing.

My Experience buying Cassian’s U-Wing Bundle

As you can see in the screenshot, this is not a “chance” to get something. This bundle from EA/CG is going to deliver for you as I did receive all of the character shards promised and unlocked what I feel has the potential to be a difference-maker kind of ship. I was amazed when I opened Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced at how effective it was at 4-stars, and while I am not quite as high on Cassian’s U-Wing, this is a ship worth leveling up and adding to your starting lineup. At 4-stars and level 80 it is on-par with the power of Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter, and I have that ship at 7-stars and level 85. Plus Cassian’s U-Wing is better on offense and inflicts Target Lock which is always important in this game.

Should you buy Cassian’s U-Wing Bundle?

Well that all depends on your spending habits. At $39.99, that is the cost of a full video game in the “old days,” however, relatively speaking this is one of the best values from Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in months. So, if you are a value-driven Pay To Play gamer this is a definite buy, and if you are a whale you didn’t wait for this guide to buy it. But if you are FTP and looking to spend a little, this may be one of those that is worth your money given you get three solid characters (two you can farm up to 7-stars easily) and a difference-making ship.

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