Interview with EA’s SWGoH Community Manager Jesse Anderson – April/May 2017

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes continues to grow and progress with new characters and a new game mode which was announced in vague terms at Star Wars Celebration. Jesse Anderson - EA - SWGoHAfter recently traveling to Celebration in Orlando, Florida, EA’s SWGoH Community Manager Jesse Anderson (pictured – Twitter @Darokaz) responds to (Twitter @GamingFansDFN) Content Director Luke Jernigan’s most recent interview questions. – You just recently attended Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. What was the experience like for you? What three takeaways do you want to ensure the fans understand that came from or are related to the event and announcements at the event?
JA – SWCO was fantastic! It was my third Star Wars Celebration in a row. I met hundreds of SWGOH fans that stopped by to chat about the game and upcoming content. The three takeaways I’d say are the two new characters coming in May and June (R2-D2 and ???), that the game team is working on an entirely new game mode, and that we’re listening to player feedback, both on the forums and in person at events such as SWCO. – While at Celebration, you Tweeted “May and June will have 2 fan favorite characters added to #SWGOH.”
JA – Obviously R2-D2 is the first of those two, but can you provide any information or hints as to whom the other character will be? Indeed R2-D2 is the first of these characters. No hints yet as to who the second character is, but stay tuned in the weeks ahead! – Are EA and CG actively working on other Quality of Life (QoL) improvements, specifically with Mods? One item that came up talking to Dhoey321 on the EA forums and within my Guild is swapping a group of mods from one character to another, thus a set of 2 or 4 mods, or a group of 6 mods, all being transferred at once. Is this something your team has looked into or is working on currently? 
Shop Now!JA – We are looking at other QoL improvements that we can make in the future and have heard the feedback from the community when it comes to mods. Right now the major focus of the development team is the new game mode that we teased at SWCO. – Staying on the QoL topic TheDude420 on the EA forums asks if we will have “the ability to open multiple bronziums at a time” – could we see that in a future QoL update?
JA – This is another thing we’ve definitely heard the community on. If we were ever to add this feature in the future we’d announce it ahead of it releasing. For now, you either need to manually open each bronzium pack or build one of those LEGO machines that you’ve seen on YouTube. – The biggest complaint I see on the forums is the lack of Luke Skywalker as a Jedi in the game. He is on the opening screen of the game, has been featured in promotional materials and he is featured on the main page for SWGoH on Will we see Luke as a Jedi or in any form other than the farmboy Luke with the gun before the end of 2017?
JA – Will a version of Luke with a lightsaber ever come to the game? Absolutely, but the timing needs to be right and how you unlock him needs to be something special. This is Luke we’re talking about here, it has to be epic.


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