SWGOH: To Zeta or not to Zeta Count Dooku – Full Review

Zeta materials continue to be a hot topic of conversation in the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes universe due to their significant, time-consuming investment. Our popular media partner Smithie D takes a look at Count Dooku’s Zeta ability in one of his latest videos – click the graphic below to view this latest SWGoH Zeta ability video.

Zeta Count Dooku

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3 Comments on "SWGOH: To Zeta or not to Zeta Count Dooku – Full Review"

  1. Learn to type. If I came here to watch a video I would.

    • ljcool110 | June 6, 2017 at 8:12 am |

      I appreciate your feedback. Have you looked over our site at all? Specifically the Best Mods section? I think you will find that there is a ton of content there – not just videos. The goal is to have a content-first site and media would be an add-on. You happened to come across the media side of things. While I would have preferred you provided feedback professionally, I do appreciate the feedback and will use it to help better the site in the future.

  2. Enjoyed it thx

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