Battlefront 2 Specialist Class Re-Created in Battlefront: Battlefront Loadouts

Ever since the announcement of classes at Star Wars Celebration 2017 and the showcase of the classes at EA Play, I have been interested to find a way to adapt my playstyle to suit the class I will be playing as most.

In this new series I will be re-creating the classes using star cards from the current Battlefront in hopes of getting myself and others used to the playstyle of their preferred class.

Specialists deploy traps, reveal battlefield intel, and snipe enemies. They require stealth and good positioning to be effective. It’s Star Cards include:

Trip Mine: An explosive with a laser tripwire that explodes when an enemy crosses it. To replace this I used the Trip Mine Star Card.

Infiltration Replenish: Reveals all enemies and draws a medium range weapon. There is nothing like this in the current game so I used the Focus Fire Charge Card to increase my accuracy.

Scout Pistol: A short range pistol that does huge amounts of damage up close. I used the Scout Pistol Star Card for this ability.

Specialist Class start screen

This Loadout will hopefully get players used to the playstyle of the specialist class.

Click on the image below to be taken to my video where I use this class:

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