Star Wars Battlefront: Boba Fett Guide & Showcase

Boba Fett: Lethal Bounty Hunter

With his customized Mandalorian armor, deadly weaponry, and silent demeanor, Boba Fett was one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. A genetic clone of his “father,” bounty hunter Jango Fett, Boba learned combat and martial skills from a young age. Over the course of his career, which included contracts for the Empire and the criminal underworld, he became a legend.

Playing as Boba Fett

Boba Fett is a bounty hunter who’s arsenal of weaponry will strike fear into any Rebel soldier. He excels at long range combat but can be used short ranged if necessary.

Boba Fett using his Thruster Pack

Boba Fett’s Abilities

Boba has a wealth of gadgets at his disposal making him on of the most versatile characters in the game. His abilities include:

Thruster Pack: This ability allows Boba Fett to hover above the battlefront giving him an advantage that is hard to track.

Wrist Rocket: An explosive rocket fired from Boba Fett’s wrist – perfect for long ranged attacks.

Flame Thrower: A fiery blast fired from Boba’s wrist – useful for when things get up close and personal.

Boba Fett using his Flame Thrower

Bounty Seeker

Boba’s trait is called Bounty Seeker and increases the duration of his thruster pack as well as gives him a scan pulse. The more kills Boba gets, the longer he can stay airborne and the more enemies he can find.

Boba Fett

Click on the thumbnail below to be taken to my video on Boba Fett where I use him and go over effective strategies.

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