Star Wars Battlefront: Lando Calrissian Guide

Lando Calrissian: Rogue. Gambler. Scoundrel.

Once a smooth-talking smuggler, Lando Calrissian changed from a get-rich-quick schemer to a selfless leader in the fight against the Empire. From adventures with the Ghost crew of rebels to the attack on Death Star II, his quick wit and daring proved to be invaluable.


Lando Calrissian is a playable Rebel Hero character in Star Wars Battlefront. He was added to the game in the Bespin Expansion Pack. He is skilled with a blaster and has ablilites that allow him to trick enemies and know the odds.

Lando vs. Dengar

Lando’s Abilities

Lando plays like a specialist gunslinger. He uses his blaster to finish his enemies but his value comes from disabling them for his advantage and the good of his team. His abilities are:

Power Blast: a charge up damage multiplier that Lando can release at any time during the charge. The power is active for a limited amount of time so you have to choose what shots you need in your situation.

Shocking Trap:  a device that Lando can drop and it will spring when an enemy is close by. As long as he has an active trap, Lando will not appear on the enemies’ radar. Instead the trap will show up as an enemy and lure the Imperials towards him.

System Disruption:  Lando’s most powerful ability. Lando not only puts weapons on overheat around him, but also Star Cards and villain powers on cooldown.

Lando using Power Blast

Fortune Trigger

Lando’s Fortune Trigger trait, gives him an increasingly high chance of landing a critical hit with his blaster shots. The steps are raised by getting kills or doing high consecutive damage to a hero. The developers took inspiration from his long Sabacc career and a tint of luck felt like a great link to the character.

Lando Calrissian

Click on the thumbnail below to be taken to my video guide of Lando where I go over useful tips and strategy:

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