TFEW: 20 Premium Crystals Unlocked – Good Value or Not?

TFEW - Sideswipe

Player growth in Transformers Earth Wars is incredibly slow, and for those that start to near level 50 with their bots it becomes painfully clear – anything other than 4-star bots can feel like a waste. I remember starting out then a 2-star bot was opened how excited I was – today they are completely irrelevant to my game.

Recently I decided to buy the Colossal Value Pack which includes 11,000 Cyber Coins for $39.99 and see how good the value is. I then used 9,000 of the Cyber Coins on 20 (total) Premium Crystals.

TFEW - Sideswipe

Here is what I received for my hard-earned money.

2-star bots – 18

3-star bots – 1 (Smokescreen)

4-star bots – 1 (Sideswipe)

So out of 20 crystals, just 2 were 3-star or higher leaving us at a 10% success rate. If 4-star is all that you are looking for, the success rate is even lower at 5%.

So does this breakdown of Transformers Earth Wars premium crystals to open new bots rate as a good value? That is up to you and how much disposable income you have. For me, I am not thrilled nor surprised. I just hope it helps the players understand what they are dealing with.

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