Battlefront 2 Class Overview: Assault

Battlefront 2 is bringing back the class system from the original games. Each faction has four classes. This is the Assault Class:

Assault Class

Close and Destroy

The Assault Class in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is fast, tough, and very effective at close-medium range. It clears a path and punches through enemy lines.

Phase II Clone Trooper

Leading the Charge

Speed and Power

The Assault class moves quickly and excels at overcoming defenders and taking positions. Each class can equip Star Cards to modify and enhance their combat abilities. A few examples of the ability Star Cards for the Assault class are:

  • Thermal Detonator: A basic grenade with a large blast radius and high damage.
  • Vanguard: Mark enemies to make them easier to hunt down. Sprint faster. Draw a close-range weapon that builds no heat during the active time of this ability.
  • Scan Dart: Fires a dart that locates enemies.

First Order Snowtrooper

At the Front

Specialty          Attack

Mobility           High

Team Roles    Direct Attack, Flanking

Durability       Moderate

Click on the thumbnail below to be taken to my video overview of the Assault Class:

May the Force be with you!

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