’s Director of Content joins Cheat Code Visa’s SWGoH Podcast


The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community continues to grow and evolve, and with it continues to do all we can to help players across the globe better understand the game and perform at a high level. Cheat Code Visa SWGoH PodcastWith that evolution of SWGoH’s community we have see fan sites like this one, YouTubers become mini-celebrities and now Podcasts discussing game strategy, theories and more. Cheat Code Visa, one of these aforementioned Podcasts, has started off strong reviewing SWGoH since their start in August in their most recent SWGoH Podcast where they review’s Director of Content.

This 5th edition of the Cheat Code Visa Podcast features discussion on the newly-added Nightsisters – Mother Talzin, Nightsister Spirit and Nightsister Zombie – as well as theories on how to open Jedi Rey and more. Use the link below to listen in.

Cheat Code Visa SWGoH Podcast

Note that Cheat Code Visa’s Podcast does feature a WTF moment in each episode, so if you have kids present and care about that sort of thing (like I do), you may want to listen when they are in bed to avoid learning the “F” word.

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