SWGoH: Rise of the Empire – Phase 5 Ring of Kafrene – Bottom Combat Mission

Rise of the Empire Territory Battle - Phase 5 Ring of Kafrene - SWGoH

The Rise of the Empire Territory Battle is now into Phase 5 as we advance to the Ring of Kafrene. Unlike previous Territory Battles in SWGoH, the Rise of the Empire TB in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes features Light Side, Dark Side and Neutral paths and Platoons are now called Operations. On top of that, using a character in Operations requires a minimum Relic level which adds a real wrinkle into the plans for each guild’s Territory Battles lead.

The Rise of the Empire Territory Battle features six Phases which last 24 hours each. Most of the six Phases of the event have a Special Mission rewarding Mk III Guild Event Tokens – in Phases 1, 4, 5 and 6 and Reva (Third Sister) shards in Phase 3.

The following is a Walkthrough of my experiences in Phase 5 that will be updated over time. This Phase 5 Combat Mission on the Light Side takes place at the Ring of Kafrene at the bottom of the map. It requires five Relic 9 characters to fight, and having two Galactic Legends will allow you to qualify to fight, but will not allow you to use both in the fight, thus leaving you with four participants.


Phase 3 Combat Mission Requirements:

  • 5 Relic 9 Characters

My Roster of Ships:

  • Total Power – 203,050 power
  • Rey – 54,543 power
  • The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) – 37,392 power
  • Captain Drogan – 36,624 power
  • R2-D2 – 37,375 power
  • Admiral Raddus – 37,116 power


Phase 5 Light Side Fleet Combat Mission at Ring of Kafrene Battle Notes:

11.19.23 – You can fight these battles as long as you have 5 eligible Relic 9 characters. In my case, I have Rey, Beskar Mando, R2-D2, Admiral Radius and Jedi Master Luke as my 5 eligible characters. However, since two Galactic Legends cannot fight in the same battle together, it was going to allow to me fight with four. But, since the timing was perfect with the Speeder Bike Pursuit Raid having just been launched, I upgrades Captain Drogan to Relic 9 to give me a full squad.

To the battle, I am facing 5 Imperial Troopers – a Stormtrooper Commando, a Stormtrooper, a Recon Stormtrooper, a Scout Trooper and a Death Trooper with the Stormtrooper Commando taunting and everyone but Rey stunned and heavily rebuffed to start the battle. The enemies go crazy, triggering Damage Immunity on R2, Drogan and Rey, and after Rey uses the saber throw to weaken the Stormtrooper. My second move is after more enemy attacks kill Drogan, when Beskar Mando heals and adds Damage Immunity to himself, then Rey uses another throw, killing the Stormtrooper. The enemies kill R2 and Rey goes into her ultimate which does good damage, but is just not enough to give me a chance. After this they overwhelm my characters killing them with ease as a Whistling Birds from Beskar Mano proves worthless.

My post-fight assessment is this – a Rey lead with Beskar Mando could work in getting through a wave of this battle, but at Relic 10 (not yet released in-game) and with very specific characters. This battle reminds me a bit of Marvel Strike Force’s Dark Dimension, where it is nearly unbeatable without the right characters.

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