Star Wars Battlefront 2: MTT


Multi Troop Transport

A terrifying display of Trade Federation efficiency, the mammoth MTT (Multi Troop Transport) is an armored giant capable of disgorging over a hundred battle droid soldiers into the thick of combat.


Key To Victory


The MTT is the heart of the Separatist attack on Naboo. If it is escorted to the palace, its walls will not hold up against the transport.

The MTT has powerful laser cannons to blast clones into oblivion. If used correctly it can give the droids a serious advantage.

MTT preparing to unload battle droids


Driving Force


The MTT has three abilities to help it in combat:

  • Linked Fire: Fires all four laser cannons simultaneously for a short time dealing massive damage.
  • Refresh: Resets the ability cool downs for allies near the MTT
  • Scan: Scans the area for enemies behind cover. Visible to yourself and allies.




The MTT is most useful when it is closest to the palace as it can pick off clones on the palace steps. Be sure to use the scan ability to find clones holding Ion Disruptors that can damage the MTT and use linked fire on large groups of enemies.


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May the Force be with you!

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