SWGoH: Dark Side Territory Battles, aka Imperial Retaliation, set to begin THIS WEEKEND!

Territory Battles: Imperial Retaliation – the new Dark Side Territory Battle – is set to start in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes this weekend. Beginning on November 23rd (Thanksgiving Day in the United States) and running through November 28th, the Dark Side Territory Battle will also be set on Hoth with a few changes to the original round of Territory Battles, now called Rebel Assault. Instead of 45 stars, the Imperial Retaliation version will have 48 stars possible and instead of 6 encounters the battles will feature 4 encounters. Please note that any of this info is subject to change as much of this content is dynamic.

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Key Characters

Colonel Starck, Imperial Probe Droid, General Veers, Snowtrooper, and Darth Vader are the Hoth Hero style units and will be required units for Special Missions in Territory Battles: Imperial Retaliation. While a lot of the information the GameChangers have received is dynamic and continues to be adjusted, it appears that Colonel Starck will be the ROLO (Rebel Officer Leia Organa) of this Dark Side focused TB.


Key Factions

Combat Missions (CMs) that will require specific factions include the Empire, Imperial Trooper, and Bounty Hunter factions.


Territory Wars

SWGoH - Territory WarsTo add to the craziness, after the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend is complete the first Territory Wars is expected to start on November 28th, beginning with a 24-hour preview phase. Then, if all goes according to plan, the second Territory Wars should start on December 1st.


Other Key SWGoH Notes

  • Double Drops – In celebration of the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes 2nd anniversary, please enjoy global double drops from 11/23/17 to 11/24/17
  • Free Gift – be sure to check your inbox on the 22nd for a special gift from the Galaxy of Heroes team
  • Smuggler Farming – Veteran Smuggler Han Solo (Cantina 8-G) and Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca (Cantina 8-F) will be farmable after the next update
  • Nightsisters – The new Nightsisters will be joining the Chromium Packs
  • Packs & Bundles – Several Packs & Bundles will be added to the Store including a pack which features the Imperial Retaliation Bundle with the notes stating “This special, one-time bundle includes several pieces of fully crafted high-end Gear, Ability Materials (including Omega Materials), Credits, XP Training Droids, and Character Shards for General Veers and Snowtrooper. These are critical units in the Imperial Retaliation Territory Battle on Hoth, helping your entire guild earn rewards from special missions.”



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