SWGoH Top 15 Characters Poll – October 2017

Cubs Fan Han

Popular Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes YouTuber and Gaming-fans.com Media Partner Cubs Fan Han brings us his latest installment of the Top 15 SWGoH Character Rankings. This monthly set of rankings takes a look at the top characters in the game in a College Football Rankings style.

The October 2017 SWGoH Characters Top 15 Poll is in the video linked below – we hope you enjoy! Also be sure to add your comments below and check out more of Cub Fan Han’s YouTube videos on SWGoH. As always, stay tuned here at Gaming-fans.com for the latest SWGoH news, character mod guides, Zeta reviews and more!


SWGoH - Top 15 List

1 Comment on "SWGoH Top 15 Characters Poll – October 2017"

  1. Michael McNary | November 3, 2017 at 10:19 am | Reply

    The inquisitors, Kallus, padme, Darth Sion

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