Director of Content LJ joins Cheat Code Visa’s first Live Show

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

Join Cheat Code Visa for the first ever LIVE SHOW on Discord tonight at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT. We will be discussing all things SWGOH and giving away a ton of really cool prizes; Amazon Echo Dot, $25 gift cards ( Apple / Google – for the crystals :wink: and more! We will also have several special guests, including’s Director of Content, during the show, so tune in to find out who joins us! You can join us on Monday at 6PM PST in our discord server to participate in chat and listen live. If you have a microphone, we will also be taking questions from the gaggle of chatters that we will answer live on the air.

Prize categories;

1> Best Voicemail (You can call in and leave your comment, joke, question or most importantly Yoda impersonation on our voicemail) – (650)762-8080

2> Best chatter – this will be chosen during the live show

3> Best question or comment – Either during the live chat or posted in discord leading up to the event

4> Best Darth Maul or General Grievous comment (Scotto insists)

The show will be recorded and available for download at the following links;

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