Suffering from SWGoH Burnout? We can help!

Are you suffering from SWGoH burnout? Are the pressures from your Guild and teammates causing you to no longer enjoy Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes? Is the game becoming more like work and less like a game? Do you want to rage quit the game?

Star Wars Galaxy of HeroesThe Empire Alliance of SWGoH Guilds has the solution – and guild fit – for you. Yes, we said “fit,” because not everyone is a perfect fit for their Guild. Across our five Guilds we have players of all ages, levels and abilities – from 3 million GP “whales” down to beginners. We have serious Guilds which fight for 40+ stars in Territory Battles to a casual, family-friendly Guild with the children and families of other Empire Alliance members playing in them.

If SWGoH burnout is real in your life, and you just want to take a step back, but not away from the game, check out our Looking for a SWGoH Guild page and fill out the form. Just be sure to explain things in the message section and one of our Alliance leaders will contact you (likely LJ, Director of Content for to help understand what you are looking for.

SWGoH burnout is real. But it doesn’t have to ruin the game for you. The Empire Alliance is here to help.

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