SWGoH: Best Mods for First Order Executioner

SWGoH - First Order Executioner

Welcome to the latest article in our series about the popular game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where we take a look at the best mods for each SWGoH character. While I do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, I do my research and have used every toon I write about extensively.

First Order Executioner - SWGoHThe First Order Executioner, made available early to me via EA’s SWGoH GameChangers program, is the most recent addition to the First Order faction adding the ability to dispel buffs, remove Turn Meter all while stacking health. While he looks like a nice addition the the First Order, his kit looks awesome for Dark Side Territory Battles, aka Imperial Retaliation. I tested him out early in the Heroic AAT (Phase 2), Galactic War and Squad Arena at Gear 11, 7-stars and have since added him to my Heroic Sith Raid Phase 4 team used after Nihilus is down. So let’s take a look at the best mods for the First Order Executioner.

Main Mods Focus: Speed is pretty much always the biggest focus in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, and the First Order Executioner is no exception. However his value is going to come in long battles or battles with many waves of fighting (like Territory Battles and Raids) so I’m going with a co-main focus of Critical Chance and Health. Each critical hit from FOE increases his Max Health by 10% (stacking), so a higher Critical Chance and a higher Health number will maximize his abilities. Of course if you are running him in a team led by Kylo Ren Unmasked, he will get a 40% CC and 30 Speed boost (with a Zeta).

Additional Areas to Focus: Speed, Critical Damage and Offense. Survivability is already covered with Health above, and with a high Critical Chance, raising both his Offense as well as raising his Critical Damage number to 180% or higher, his attacks will be even more powerful. It seems that First Order Executioner is designed to be used under a Kylo Ren Unmasked lead which gives 25-40% CD (25% without the Zeta, 40% with it), as well as 25-30 Speed, so these areas of focus will be enhanced even more to make FOE more effective. In tests under the KRU lead in HAAT, FOE was able to hit for 20k+ on his basic and 35k+ on the special attack. In addition, in my Heroic STR battles, FOE and zKylo Ren are easily the most survivable on my squad so playing to his strengths is the way to go.


Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH First Order Executioner:

I originally tested out 3 sets of 2 Critical Chance mods for a total of 6 CC mods with high-Speed secondaries, and while the critical hits are prevalent, balancing out the stats needed above is my recommendation. Note that the triangle is one you can test with your mods based on your secondary stats and availability. Thus, here are Best Mods for the First Order Executioner in SWGoH:

  • Transmitter (Square) – Critical Damage mod with focus on offense and secondary focus on speed, health, critical chance and offense
  • Receiver (Arrow) – Critical Chance with +30 speed – all other stats gained are bonus (gaining health, offense or critical chance would be a nice addition)
  • Processor (Diamond) – Critical Chance mod with focus on defense and secondary focus on speed, health, critical chance and potency
  • Holo-Array (Triangle) – Critical Damage mod with +36% critical damage or a main focus on health – gaining speed, health, offense or critical chance from secondary stats is important
  • Data-Bus (Circle) – Critical Damage mod with focus on health and secondary focus on speed, health, offense and critical chance
  • Multiplexer (Plus) – Critical Damage mod with focus on health and secondary focus on speed, health, offense and critical chance


Note: Transmitter, Processor and Data-Bus mods are MUCH more common. If you can maximize the stats from these using a MK V, Tier A mod that is ideal.

Images courtesy of SWGOH.gg

5 Comments on "SWGoH: Best Mods for First Order Executioner"

  1. While I certainly see your point on going all critical chance sets, I think there’s some value to actually using at least one health set. FOX gains offense equal to 5% of his max health, so a high health number is gonna help him overall. Also, his basic his a guarenteed critical hit if the target is debuffed (which First Order teams can do fairly easily).

  2. CC is actually quite worthless since you keep him fed with advantage which guarantees crit hits. Speed and health secondaries on health and CD sets is best.

  3. I’m curious as to why you’re stacking potency on a character that doesn’t have any debuff abilities.

  4. I don’t understand. Why would you go for critical chance when he’s always with KRU a FOO which give him constant advantages? Go for either speed or health mods with Health / Speed / Critical Damage primaries with focus on health, offense a critical damage.

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