That’s So (NOT) Revan: Addressing the SWGoH Darth Revan Rumors


The rumors have been swirling around the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community for months that Darth Revan is coming, as soon as February 2018. Those rumors are not true. While there is a new feature being added to the game that several of the SWGoH GameChangers will be able to see in person, Director of Content LJ being one of the invitees, Capital Games has confirmed that it is not Revan, but the community will be very excited to see what is in the works for SWGoH in the coming months.

With a META that has centered around Commander Luke Skywalker since August and Rey (Jedi Training) since her release in December, the desire of many to see more of a Dark Side focus has been voiced. Whether this new content or the now dispelled rumors will change the META remains to be seen, but the one thing we now know is that it is not Revan joining us in February 2018.


Special thanks to the Guild “That’s So Revan” for the inspiration on the headline – we love your creativity!


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