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Dengar Deck Guild Strategy

Most will tend to agree that until Netmarble implemented the perk and datacard system into Force Arena some heroes had been left behind as far as their kit and potentially their unique as well. Now in the case of Dengar he has always had a decent unique card and unfortunately for Dengar players like myself that has been the only aspect of this hero combo that has been modified in any way since the launch and introduction of this hero.

This deck guide for Dengar is mostly based around personal choice,luck of cards,and the fact that I make a point of trying to go against the grain as far as what the META dictates. With the introduction of the guild missions it opened more possibilities to adjust your decks as the missions change week to week and what is required by the guild changes along with it.

As a beginner player there are typically four things you will always need in your various decks. To me these four things won’t change but various aspects that support these things change as they introduce new cards and your week changes with the guild mission. 90% of the time you will always have the unique card that goes along with your said hero, and with Dengar in my opinion it’s a must. Some form of air support or area of effect clear (aoe) for short is also a must in my opinion. These include cards such as tie defender (new card) tie bomber, tie fighter, first order sf tie fighter(specialty card)and droid gunship(General Grevious separatist specialty card). There are also support cards and unit cards for that would classify as aoe cards, this might include cards such as dioxsis grenade, nerve gas grenade (specialty card) energy net, these mentioned I would count as support aoe. As far as unit cards that have aoe built in there aren’t many but are very useful versus light side unit spam. Those cards include scout troopers, first order flame trooper( heavy damage dealing unit), sandtrooper, dwarf spider droid, umbaran soldiers, 3 cards I’ll mention later fall into 2 categories. The 3rd thing that you will need are cards that can absorb large amounts of damage and can be used as a stall tactic against your enemies dealing damage against your tower bases. These cards are what some may call tank cards and most of my decks will have 2 of these, those cards are as follows dewback trooper, sentry droid (personal deck choice) first order executioner (also aoe unit card) probe droid( upon death deals aoe damage) magna guard( slow moving tank with aoe attack). These few unit I mentioned aren’t the only units that when placed on the map correctly can be used as a tanky damage absorbing unit, but I believe health wise these would be some good choices. The 4th thing that is definitely important when building a deck you will want units that can deal larger amounts of damage, or chip damage when attacking enemy towers. Sometimes these units can include heroes unique cards, mostly tho these are unit cards that once unlocked everyone will have . These include mtv, at-st, tx-225 assault tank, at-dt these are the damage dealing vehicles, with my Dengar I only use mtv consistently in my decks. As far as other damage cards that aren’t vehicles there are a lot, first order heavy assault stormtrooper , rocket storm trooper, first order flame trooper, imperial heavy gunners, devronian bladesman, first order riot control stormtrooper, b2 super battle droid, first order stormtrooper. All of these cards can deal good damage but may be situational in some decks, the only cards I use occasionally are first order heavy assault stormtrooper, devronian bladesman,and first order riot control troopers.

SWFA - Best Dengar Decks

I’ve labeled each deck with a term that will help you determine which cards from these 4 categories you may want to use as the guild mission changes week to week.

When I use the term META deck or anti-META deck in the case of the screen shot I provided it means that most players will adopt what the top players are using to be top 200 or higher ranked then that. Now as the META changes then these decks will fluctuate as well, all of which is dictated by release of new cards or buffs of cards that were lacking something previously.

As far as what any of these cards do in battle the best way is to check out the advantage tab and preview the cards function during battle by hitting the play button while viewing the card. Something to also consider is that even tho these decks are personal taste it also has evolved with my individual play style.


Dengar Data Cards & Strategy

More on this coming soon!


I’d like to thank you for reading my Dengar deck build and if you have any questions or feedback I can be reached on discord app @ Dengar_Headsock#1228

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