SWGoH: A Closer Look at the Aurra Sing Bounty Hunter team for Phase 3 of the Sith Triumvirate Raid

HSTR - Aurra Sing - p3

When the Sith Triumvirate Raid was first released, a team called “Chex Mix” quickly became the go-to in Phase 3 of the incredibly difficult game mode. The Chex Mix team became so important that players like myself geared otherwise unneeded toons like Poggle the Lesser, and later Pao, to be able to field a competitive p3 team and build them up.

SWGoH - Skelturix logoWhile the Chex Mix team is one that most anyone runs who scores high in the Heroic STR, we at Gaming-fans.com always look to keep our Sith Triumvirate Raid guide as updated as possible with other options. Thus, when GameChangers Skelturix and Nukin were able to craft Phase 3 teams for the HSTR that were as good, if not better than Chex Mix, we wanted to make sure that this content got the attention it deserved. The additions of Aurra Sing and Embo to SWGoH has opened new doors in the game, and as a result I asked Skelturix, a SWGoH GameChanger who I have grown to respect highly in the past few months, to provide this detailed written account of this Bounty Hunter & Enfys Nest team for p3 for those who prefer the written-out style. His video explaining things is linked below as well for visual learners like myself – I hope you enjoy and be sure to subscribe to Skelturix’s YouTube Channel.

– LJ

Aurra Sing’s Bounty Hunters Team Overview:

This is the very first consistent phase 3 team: in less than 10 minutes, you will be able to do over 10% of Traya without having to retreat more than once or twice. To make the team work, you will need both of Aurra Sing’s Zetas, and ideally Boba Fett’s Zeta as well. This team should be played like this: get Aurra Sing’s payout done (use 10 abilities with buffed Bounty Hunter characters), then topple Traya as soon as possible, and continue to do so until she hits enrage. Thanks to Aurra Sing’s leadership ability, Bounty Hunter allies recover protection and gain turn meter whenever they kill someone, which allows the team to survive until enrage. As for Enfys Nest, she’s not a Bounty Hunter, but her kit gives her enough survivability (thanks to the protection up that she gains whenever she gets hit) to stay alive for the bigger part of the run. At some point, you will have to use Stand Alone, or the bonds will outdamage the protection recovery you get from killing sabers, and you will die.


SWGoH - Aurra Sing - HSTRMod Management:

Unlike Chex Mix, you don’t need specific values from mods to make the team work. The idea is to have Bounty Hunter allies stealthed at all times, so that Traya and the sabers are forced to focus on Enfys Nest. Whenever you kill a lightsaber with a Bounty Hunter ally, you regain Stealth – so keeping Stealth on won’t be a problem ONCE YOU’VE KILLED A SABER. The issue is that once you’ve toppled Traya, you can’t kill anything until sabers come back to life – and so you might lose stealth if you take too many turns. Aurra Sing is safe, she can use her second special “Deadly Sniper” each turn during topple, and she gains Stealth for 1 turn whenever she uses a special ability. So feel free to give her some speed, so that she can take more turns during topple for extra damage. There’s not much to be done about Embo, with his payout he will take an extra turn when he crits – might as well profit from this as much as possible by loading him up with crit chance. Boba and Dengar, however, can be kept stealthed if they are slow enough – try to avoid giving them any bonus speed, and focus on offense.



  • Aurra Sing – CD set, with speed secondaries. Speed arrow, CD triangle, offense cross. Secondary stats: balanced mix of speed and offense.
  • Boba Fett and Dengar – as close as possible to 0 bonus speed. Full focus on offense: offense set, cross, triangle, arrow, and secondaries. Aurra Sing will benefit from their physical damage when you use Stand Alone on her.
  • Embo – Triple CC set, CC triangle and secondaries. Offense cross and arrow.
  • Enfys Nest – Offense set + health set. Health primary circle, cross, triangle, arrow (protection up scales on max health). Focus on offense secondaries.


Running The Team:

Topple Darth Traya before she takes a second turn, but give her enough time to isolate Enfys Nest before you topple her. At some point, try to topple Traya when Aurra Sing is close to full turn meter, this way you can use Stand Alone with her and take 2 turns, for some big damage – two big hits of Deadly Sniper. Don’t forget to keep her first special and use it just before her second one! It adds 35% damage on the next ability she uses, which huge for an ability such as Deadly Sniper, which crits for 200k during topples, and 900k during Stand Alone + topple.

If you happen to run out of luck and Traya isolates one of your Bounty Hunters, try to keep a saber for them to kill. Because they’re isolated, they won’t benefit from Aurra Sing’s leadership (protection recovery) unless they’re the one to give the killing blow. By doing so, you should manage to keep them alive until Traya uses isolate again on someone else.

It’s not a problem if you lose someone early, as long as it’s not Aurra Sing. You should almost always manage to get 10% done on first or second attempt – it’s if you want an extra 4-5% that you will need RNG to be on your side!


By Skelturix
SWGoH GameChanger

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