SWGoH GameChangers: Bossk’s Ship the Hound’s Tooth set to join Galaxy of Heroes – Kit Reveal

SWGoH - Bossk - Hound's Tooth

As part of the SWGoH GameChangers program, Gaming-fans.com is pleased to announce that Bossk’s Ship the Hound’s Tooth is set to join the world of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

Let’s take a look at the Hound’s Tooth kit and we will add videos from some of the other SWGoH GameChangers once they are released.

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UNIT NAME: Hound’s Tooth

CATEGORIES: Bounty Hunter, Scoundrel, Tank
CREW: Bossk
Sustainable Bounty Hunter Tank that debilitates enemies

FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy. Hound’s Tooth recovers +10% Max Health and +10% Max Protection if it has Taunt. Otherwise, dispel all debuffs on Hound’s Tooth.

Special 1: DEVOURER OF PREY (Cooldown 3)
FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Breach for 3 turns, which can’t be Evaded. Hound’s Tooth gains Taunt for 2 turns.
Breach: -25% Speed, -25% Defense

FINAL TEXT: Hound’s Tooth gains 25% Protection Up (stacking) whenever it takes damage from an enemy’s attack. While not Taunting, it has +50% Tenacity and gains +25% Turn Meter whenever another ally takes damage from an enemy’s attack. Attacks that deal damage multiple times will not trigger these effects more than once. When Hound’s Tooth loses Taunt, it gains Taunt for 1 turn if an enemy is Breached. While Hound’s Tooth is active, Breached enemies have -25% Evasion.

Reinforcement: SECURE THE HUNT
FINAL TEXT: Enter Battle: Grant all other allies +25% Tenacity. Other Bounty Hunter allies also gain +5% Counter Chance (stacking) whenever they Resist a detrimental effect.

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