TFEW: Best Power Cores for Tigerhawk & Waspinator

TFEW - Transformers Earth Wars

Welcome to the latest in our series of articles about the Transformers Earth Wars mobile game where we take a look at the best Power Cores for each Transformers Earth Wars bot. While our staff will never claim to have all of the answers for TFEW, we do our homework and test out each bot to ensure we are making only the best recommendations.

Tigerhawk and Waspinator are fliers with abilities similar in nature to Strafe and Scourge. They have very high DPS and staggeringly low HP, putting them very close to Strafe and Scourge in that category as well. Call the Swarm and Blizzard are powerful area damage abilities that also slow the defensive structures in that area down, giving your ground bots a window to rush in and attack with their full strength! So, which core would best enhance these bots?


Best Power Core for Tigerhawk & Waspinator:

Best Core: Reflective Coating – As they deploy their Call the Swarm / Blizzard ability, Tigerhawk and Waspinator are kept aloft for quite a long time! As such, they are very vulnerable to being knocked out of the sky. Therefore we recommend Reflective Coating as their top core. These bots have low HP, which makes them extremely vulnerable as they perform their ability and nothing as of yet can improve their abilities’ DPS, so protecting these bots is key to their success!


By LastRaven Staff Writer

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