SWGoH: Ewok Scout Expected to be December’s Daily Login Character


The month of November is almost complete and with December just hours away players across the globe in Australia are already reporting that Ewok Scout will be Daily Login Character. While a Territory War defensive phase just started and another Territory Battle is just three days away, the Monthly Events Calendar has not yet been made public. November saw the announcement of more Knights of the Old Republic Characters were incoming with Juhani today and Carth Onasi tomorrow, but if indeed Ewok Scout is the login toon this will most certainly lead to speculation of what is to come in December.

Now it’s time to speculate. The expected announcement of Ewok Scout as the December daily login character tees up the rumored Legendary C-3PO event that many have read as coming in December. While this certainly does not confirm that, it does make me wish I had not put those Stun Cuffs on Jawa Scavenger last week… However, if it does not mean a C-3PO event in December, what could it mean? More Ewoks coming to SWGoH? Or is this a way to encourage us to buy our kids an Ewok toy instead of a stuffed bear this holiday season? Only time will tell, but let’s look at the past few login toons:

  • June – Lando Calrissian – we got a new, younger version of Lando added to the game
  • July – HK-47 – the Old Republic became a focus for the month as we saw Mission Vao, Zaalbar, Bastila Shan and more added
  • August – DengarBounty Hunters were added, first Embo and then Aurra Sing along with Bossk’s ship, the Hound’s Tooth and Cad Bane got a rework
  • September – Rebel Officer Leia Organa – In September we saw the addition of (Rebel) Chewbacca in a Legendary Event
  • October – Nightsister Spirit – The Nightsister Spirit was likely the login toon for October to celebrate one year since the Nightsisters faction rework and expansion, and because she is spooky.
  • November – General Kenobi – We saw the addition of more Clone Wars content with Anakin’s Eta-2 Starfighter and an OP Mace Windu in Territory Wars, but not much else.

My expectation is this – we will indeed see a C-3PO Legendary Event in SWGoH in December before 2019 brings us more Clone Wars content as we prepare for the launch of Disney’s new streaming service, which will be the home of the resurrected Clone Wars episodes. Meanwhile, I still remain hopeful for a new version of Territory Battles early in 2019, likely a Light Side version first followed by the Dark Side, just as they were rolled out in 2017.

Meanwhile, looking at the December SWGoH Calendar, all we know at this time are the current Territory War, the upcoming Territory Battle and the two character events at this time.

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